CloudQA TruRT(英語版)

CloudQA TruRT helps you scale regression testing on demand. You can test user-like workflows on your application to mimic customer actions and automate them with the powerful test execution engine. CloudQA TruRT offers a variety of integrations, remote test executions, advanced notifications, and comprehensive reporting among other productive features.

CloudQA TruRT Features

  • Cloud-based setup that is simple and gets you operational in minutes.
  • Setup complex functional tests without coding.
  • Re-use functional scripts for multiple tests.
  • Complete control over worlkflow scripts and think time.
  • Ability to use multiple datasets for each workflow.
  • Multiple browser support.
  • Enable continuous QA via API's that can easily hook up to your CI/CD processes.
  • Test your application on multiple browsers.
  • API testing with a few clicks.
  • Get page and performance...


CloudQA TruRTのアップデート
CloudQA TruRTのアップデート
CloudQA TruRTのアップデート
CloudQA TruRTのアップデート
CloudQA TruRTがリリースされました
CloudQA TruRTがリリースされました

価格:¥ 210,400 (税抜)〜

CloudQA TruRT is licensed on an Annual Basis。 To continue to use the software after 12 months、 you need to buy the license again。 Basic: 180 hours of automation、 Number of Applications - 2、 Number of...


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Compatible Containers
  • Chrome
  • FireFox
  • Internet Explorer 11+