ComponentOne Input for WinForms について

Create a fully functional data bound .NET Windows application that can be fully interacted with by the user.

ComponentOne Input for WinForms is a set of components that allows you to display dynamic data in a visual format, manage dataset navigation, display or edit dates, and much more. ComponentOne Input for WinForms is Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 compatible ( VS2005 VS2008 )

ComponentOne Input for WinForms is part of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise and the ComponentOne Studio for WinForms.

ComponentOne Input for WinForms includes:

The main data bound control used for entering and editing information of any data type in a text form. Supports data formatting, edit mask, data validation and other features. C1TextBox also supports formatted and masked editing of all data types, including special features for date-time formats. Apart from being the main data editor control, C1TextBox also serves as the base class for specialized controls such as C1NumericEdit and C1DateEdit. C1TextBox derives from the standard System.Windows.Forms.TextBox control.

Data bound control derived from C1TextBox specialized for editing numeric values. In addition to C1TextBox functionality, C1NumericEdit supports a dropdown calculator and an up-down (spin) button that can be used to increment/decrement the value.

Data bound control derived from C1TextBox specialized for editing date and time values. In addition to C1TextBox functionality, C1DateEdit supports a dropdown calendar and an up-down (spin) button for changing the value.

Read-only data bound control that displays formatted data. C1Label derives from the standard System.Windows.Forms.Label control.

Data bound control which shows picture images stored in a data source field, derives from System.Windows.Forms.PictureBox.

Data bound control, which provides buttons for convenient navigation over data source rows. It enables movement to the first, last, previous and next row and common data actions such as updating the data source and refreshing data.

ComponentOne Input for WinForms Features:

  • Data Binding - C1Input controls can function both in unbound and in bound mode. In bound mode, a controls Value is bound to a data source field. C1Input controls support data binding to all .NET data sources. This includes ADO.NET data source objects such as DataTable, DataView and DataSet, and also ComponentOne DataObjects components such as C1ExpressTable, C1ExpressView, C1ExpressConnection, C1DataView, C1DataTableSource and C1DataSet
  • Formatting Data - C1Input controls support a rich formatting model, which enables developers to customize the appearance of a controls text in almost any way imaginable. The main function of Formatting is to display a string Text representation of a typed or stored Value
  • Validating Data - C1Input controls support data validation both of the raw input string (PreValidation) and of the typed value entered by the user (PostValidation)
  • Dropdown and Increment Buttons - The specialized C1Input controls for date-time and numeric editing, C1DateEdit and C1NumericEdit controls support dropdown and increment/decrement (up/down) buttons. Button visibility is controlled by the ShowDropDownButton and ShowUpDownButtons properties
  • Error Handling - When C1Input detects an error while parsing or validating input value it fires the ValidationError event, then, by default, it shows an error message. The default behavior can be changed and customized in different ways
  • Handling NULL and Empty Values - NULL values (DbNull) can be difficult to handle without appropriate tools. C1Input provides flexible rules for handling nulls allowing the programmer the ability to solve this problem in practically any circumstance