ComponentOne IntelliSpell について

Visual Studioで開発するソリューションのスペルチェックと修正

ComponentOne IntelliSpell Professional はVisual Studio ファイル、プロジェクトまたはソリューション全体でのスペルチェック機能と、容易で正確なスペルミスを修正が可能になります。ComponentOne IntelliSpell コミュニティーエディションでのみ、コメント、XMLドキュメント、文字列定数やHTMLファイルのスペル修正と英語辞書がが付いています。ComponentOne IntelliSpell Professional は英語(米国、英国、カナダとオーストラリア)、フランス語(フランスとカナダ)、イタリア語、ドイツ語、スペイン語(スペイン、メキシコとアルゼンチン)含めて21のさまざまな辞書を提供し、ファイル、プロジェクト、あるいはソリューション全体等をスペルチェックする能力を備えています。IntelliSpell は独自のスペルチェックエンジンを持っていて、Microsoft Officeのスペルサービスに依存しません。

ComponentOne IntelliSpell Professional provides the ability to spell-check your files, your projects, or your entire solution. It provides an easy to use, one click operation. IntelliSpell has its own spell-checking engine and does not rely on Microsoft Office spelling services. No longer do you have to have Microsoft Office installed, or import/export documentation, to solve this problem. All spell-checking data can easily be tracked within your application (wiggly underlines), or within the Task List (line item spelling mistakes). This makes it easy to run through corrections for an entire project (Professional). Xml and HTML spell-checking can be accomplished in the source code. ComponentOne IntelliSpell Community Edition is 100% free. It allows you to spell-check your Visual Studio projects and easily correct spelling mistakes in comments (including XML documentation), string constants, and HTML files. IntelliSpell Community Edition is free, please, visit the 'Evals and Downloads' Section to download your free copy.

ComponentOne IntelliSpell Professional includes the following additional features:

  • Check entire projects and solutions with one click
  • Check resource and text files
  • Check multi-language, localized projects
  • Define custom words in User Dictionaries

ComponentOne IntelliSpell Professional is available as a stand-alone product, and is also included in the ComponentOne Studio Enterprise and DocToHelp products. If you purchase either of these products, you will also get the ComponentOne IntelliSpell Professional at no additional charge.

ComponentOne IntelliSpell uses the ComponentOne SpellChecker component, the fastest and most flexible spell-checking component available, which is also a part of the ComponentOne Studio Enterprise.

Languages currently supported by ComponentOne IntelliSpell Professional are: English (US, UK, Canada, Australia), English Medical, French (France, Canada), Italian, German( Germany and Switzerland), Danish, Dutch, Russian, Spanish (Spain, Mexico, Argentina), Swedish, Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil), and Greek.

Help documentation, based upon Xml documents, typically required an intermediate process of importing to a word processor for spell-checking. Then corrections are made back in the source code. With IntelliSpell, this process is eliminated.