ComponentOne Studio WPF について

Windows Presentation Foundationのアプリケーション開発に必要なあらゆるコンポーネントを収録したコレクション

ComponentOne Studio for WPF はグリッド、チャーティング、リポーティングとスケジューリングコントロールを含めて使いやすい WPF コンポーネントのコレクションです。ComponentOne WPF コントロールが WPFについて新しい XBAP 実装機能と互換性があり、完全にコラボレーションを促進するために XAML で構築されます。ComponentOne Studio for WPF は新しい ComponentOne WPFコンポーネントを含みEメールサポートとリリース更新がある、1年間のサブスクリプションです。ComponentOne Platinum Support Subscriptions は1年間の電話とオンラインテクニカルサポートを提供します。ComponentOne Studio for WPF は ComponentOne Studio Enterprise の一部として利用可能です。

ComponentOne Studio for WPF Subscription Benefits

This subscription entitles you to minor and major updates of any of the products included in the ComponentOne Studio for WPF as well as any new products added to the ComponentOne Studio for WPF during one year.

ComponentOne Studio for WPF has 3 releases per year and these are scheduled for the middle of the month in March, July and November each year.

ComponentOne Studio for WPF is a complete set of enterprise quality components and offers everything from advanced data binding to rich data visualizations included in grid, scheduler, charts, reports, and many more to come. ComponentOne Studio for WPF is also available as part of the ComponentOne Studio Enterprise.

ComponentOne Studio for WPF Main Features

Promote Collaboration using XAML-based Controls
ComponentOne WPF controls are built with XAML to promote collaboration in your team and fit seamlessly into your developer/Designer workflow.

Extend your deployment capabilities with XBAP support
Our WPF components are fully compatible with the new XBAP deployment capabilities of Windows Presentation Foundation. The XBAP deployment allows publishing to the client's (supported) browser for a full featured application without a Windows installation.

Animate Your Data, Enhance Your User Experience
Studio for WPF components can give your application rich Data Visualizations with little effort.

Take Reports from Basic & Brilliant
The quality of reports can make or break an application. Reports for WPF provides incredible capabilities with 3D Charts, dynamic controls, interactive components, and easy databinding. Also includes the capabilities of standard reports with print, preview and export utilities.

Add the Themes to Your Apps Including: Vista, Office 2007, OS-X, and More
All components are packaged with new and improved Themes based on the latest trends in UI design.

ComponentOne Studio for WPF also includes any new WPF component and updates released within your 1 year subscription period, plus email support. ComponentOne Studio for WPF currently includes:

  • ComponentOne Grid for WPF(C1DataGrid) ComponentOne Grid for WPF takes the standard grid to a whole new level with dynamic data manipulation and a powerful carousel panel. Traditional grids allow you to display, format, and edit tabular data; Grid for WPF builds on this allowing you to adapt grid appearance, behavior, and layout to create a completely tailored UX
  • ComponentOne Chart for WPF(C1Chart) ComponentOne Chart for WPF brings you powerful rendering, rich styling elements, animations, and data-binding capabilities. Display your chart in a Smart Client application or take advantage of the XBAP support and extend your deployment capabilities to the Web.
  • ComponentOne Reports for WPF(C1DocumentViewer) integrate reporting and document-generating functionality into your WPF applications. Work with a complete set of reporting tools: the C1Report, C1PrintDocument, and C1DocumentViewer components as well as the C1ReportDesigner stand-alone application.
  • ComponentOne Schedule for WPF(C1Scheduler,C1MonthCalendar,C1MultiMonthCalendar,C1DateTimePicker) that mimics Microsoft Outlook-Style Scheduling. Includes 14 built-in themes, calendar components, several data vies and allows you to bind your schedule to the Data Source of your choice.
  • ComponentOne Accordion for WPF : Display lists of expandable items, organizing your UI and optimizing screen real-estate
  • ComponentOne Book for WPF: Present element objects as if they were pages in a real paper-back book
  • ComponentOne Cube for WPF: Animate and display element objects on the faces of a 3D cube, and then rotate the cube to show one element at a time
  • ComponentOne ColorPicker for WPF: Select colors from professionally-designed palettes or build your own custom colors. Supports transparency
  • ComponentOne DropDown for WPF: Create custom drop-downs
  • ComponentOne Expander for WPF: Expand and contract content
  • ComponentOne MediaPlayer for WPF: A full featured media player out-of-the box. Run media, video or audio while displaying playlists or in full-screen mode.
  • ComponentOne PropertyGrid for WPF: The familiar Visual Studio property grid is now in WPF. You can easily edit any class and includes more than 10 built-in editors.

ComponentOne Studio for WPF is also available as part of the ComponentOne Studio Enterprise.