About ComponentOne WebParts for SharePoint

Create rich, interactive SharePoint sites.

ComponentOne WebParts for SharePoint is a suite of Silverlight-enabled Web Parts for visualizing Microsoft SharePoint lists and libraries. ComponentOne WebParts for SharePoint enable administrators to easily add interactive and useful elements to their SharePoint sites. ComponentOne WebParts for SharePoint access both SharePoint lists and SQL Server data. ComponentOne WebParts for SharePoint are easily configurable by administrators and, if permissible, by end users alike. ComponentOne WebParts for SharePoint exploit the full capability of the Silverlight platform. These SilverLight-based web parts help users visualize data with grids, charts, and Microsoft Virtual Earth-based maps. Each web part has a intuitive designer, so users can configure their own views.

ComponentOne WebParts for SharePoint leverage the power of Microsoft's Silverlight technology for superior performance, styling, animation, and interactivity.

ComponentOne WebParts for SharePoint (CTP) release includes the following Web Parts: Grid, Chart and Map.

ComponentOne DataGrid for SharePoint
ComponentOne DataGrid for SharePoint offers many powerful features to make exploring and navigating SharePoint and SQL Server data. It supports a built-in filter bar, scrolling, master-detail relationships, sorting, and more. Configuring the data grid web part is quick and intuitive with the on-board designer.

ComponentOne Chart for SharePoint
ComponentOne Chart for SharePoint enables you to connect directly to a SharePoint list or SQL Server data source for dynamic data visualization. Use the intuitive on-board designer to configure the layout and the look of the chart with built-in themes, and much more. Easily display your data in a variety of ways by choosing from 30 popular, built-in chart types.

ComponentOne Maps for SharePoint
ComponentOne Maps for SharePoint uses Microsoft Virtual Earth for rich, deep-zoom mapping in SharePoint. Interactively search for coordinates, pan, and zoom. Connect to SharePoint list or SQL Server data to plot geographic coordinates with "smart pins". Hover over a smart pin to display details about the location. Change the map type, zoom-factor, location, and much more using the on-board designer.

The following features are available to all of Web Parts included with ComponentOne WebParts for SharePoint:

  • Choose Microsoft SharePoint lists or SQL Server tables or views as your data source: ComponentOne Web Parts for SharePoint gives you the option of using Microsoft SharePoint lists or SQL Server tables or views as the data source for any of your Web Parts
  • Sort and filter SharePoint lists and SQL Server tables or views: ComponentOne Web Parts allow you to sort and filter the SharePoint list or SQL Server database table/view you choose as your data source. Sorting and filtering is performed on the server