ComponentOne XAP Optimizer について


ComponentOne XAP Optimizer はXAPファイルを処理するスタンドアロンユーティリティであり、オリジナルのXAPファイルサイズより30-70%小さい最適化された Silverlightアプリケーションを作れます。ComponentOne XapOptimizer は機能のロスなしで、ネットワークトラフィックを減らして、起動時間を改善したアプリケーションを作成できます。XAPファイルのサイズを最適化することで、 ComponentOne XAP Optimizer がコード難読化オプションも持っています。Microsoft Visual Studio の中で自動的にXAPファイルを最適化するビルドプロセスの一部として、XapOptimizerを利用できます。XAP OptimizerはComponentOne コンポーネントに制限されず他のSilverlight アセンブリでも使用できます。

Optimize your Silverlight applications (XAP files) with ComponentOne XAP Optimizer. This stand-alone utility processes your XAP files and generates an optimized Silverlight application 30-70% smaller than the original XAP file size. Without any loss in functionality, you get an application with improved start-up time, thus reducing network traffic.

ComponentOne XAP Optimizer reduces the size of your XAP files by removing unused classes from the assemblies used by your application. ComponentOne XAP Optimizer allows you to you get an application with improved start-up time, thus reducing network traffic without any loss in functionality. You can integrate XapOptimizer as part of the build process in Microsoft Visual Studio to automatically optimize your XAP files. XapOptimizer can be used with any Silverlight assembly, it is not restricted to ComponentOne components.

ComponentOne XapOptimizer works by extracting the original XAP file, then inspecting MSIL instructions and XAML content to build a dependency tree. The dependency tree starts with the application's entry point and expands to determine all the classes and XAML resources that are used by the application. At the end of this process, any classes and XAML resources not used by the application are removed from the assemblies, which are then obfuscated, resigned and repackaged into a new XAP file. The dependency analysis process performed by XapOptimizer cannot resolve dependencies when indirect instantiation mechanisms are used (using Reflection for example).


ComponentOne XAP Optimizer Key Features:

Customize the Optimization Output
See what's going to be removed from the assembly before it is actually removed. You can also manually "Pin" some elements to keep them after the optimization process.

Choose to enable or disable obfuscation and choose the specific elements to obfuscate.

Sign Assemblies
Choose whether to sign elements in the assembly and which specific elements to sign.

Save Projects
XapOptimizer allows you to save projects allowing you to reopen the project at a later date or easily try different options.