Data Widgets について


Data Widgets は Microsoft Visual Basic 5 (あるいはそれ以降)あるいはそして他の ActiveX がホストとして機能している環境のための、6本のActiveXコントロールのセットです。します。Data Widgets はOLE DBと ADO データバインディングをサポートします。Dルックアンドフィールでアクセスグリッドとまったく同じの完全にエディット可能なデータグリッドが優れた特徴です。DataGrid は Data Widgets に3、 SSDBGrid を含み、繋がっていない列のアップデート、追加、削除を可能にします。SSDBGrid は同じくバウンド、バーチャルと AddItem モードをサポートします。Infragistics Data Widgets は以前に Sheridan Data Widgets と呼ばれました。

Data Grid control

The Data Grid control is a fully editable bound grid that allows you to edit an entire record set, regardless of size, on screen without writing any code. In just a few steps, you can have a fully functional program that allows users to view, edit, add, and delete rows in a database without a single line of code! The Data Grid can operate in bound, unbound, or AddItem mode. When working in bound mode, the Data Grid communicates with the host environment's data control, which allows your grid to interact with any database the data control is capable of using.

Data Combo control

The Data Combo custom control is a combo box that can be used to display/edit a field value from one record set while providing a dropdown list of field values from another set. The Data Combo functions in bound, unbound, and AddItem modes.

Data DropDown control

The Data DropDown control can be used for attaching a Data Grid column to a dropdown list of values from another source of data. This custom control is a grid that can be linked to the cells in the Data Grid (SSDBGrid) for use as a value selection list. The Data DropDown, when used in conjunction with a cell in a Data Grid, functions very similar to the Data Combo. One of the advantages of the Data DropDown is that it allows you to cross-reference data to a value.

DataOption Set control

The DataOptionSet custom control allows you to use 3D options buttons that can be bound to a database field. Using the DataOptionSet control, you can easily incorporate option buttons for use in your database application. Instead of entering data which can lead to typographical errors, users may simply click on an option button to select a pre-defined value for a field. For example, using one DataOptionSet, you could have four option buttons to represent various credit-card payment methods.

Enhanced Data Control

The Enhanced Data Control (EDC) is an enhanced version of the Data Control that ships with Visual Basic. The EDC is used in conjunction with the data control rather than taking its place. The EDC can be oriented either horizontally or vertically, and can be sized to your liking at design time. Some of the enhancements that the EDC provides include bookmark storage allowing you to return to a particular row at a later time, next page and previous page buttons, the ability to selectively enable/disable features of the EDC, and a speed button feature allowing the user to hold down a button to repeat its function.

Data Command Button

The Data Command custom control is a 3D command button that can be bound to a data control. This button can be configured to automatically perform database actions as designated by you when clicked. The control also contains a speed button feature, allowing the user to hold the button in the down state to repeat a function. A full set of appearance properties, including the capability of placing pictures on the buttons, are available with the Data Command control. The command button can be set to perform several database actions.