dbForge SQL Complete について

SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS)の組み込みIntelliSenseを置き換えるアドイン

dbForge SQL Complete は強力な自動終了を提供する SQL Server Management Studio 2000, 2005 と2008 のためのアドオンです。dbForge SQL Complete がいろいろな基準に基づいて推奨事項リストをフィルターします:最初のタイプされたシンボル、余白そして/あるいは角カッコ。利用者定義/ビルトイン機能とプロシージャに対して名前をタイプするとき、 dbForge SQL Complete がパラメータインフォメーションを表示します。外部の文書管理をブラウズせず即座に必要なインフォメーションを入手可能です。リストメンバー、コンプリート ワードとパラメータ情報を拡張することに加えて、 dbForge SQL Complete が同じく自動的にT - SQLコードをフォーマットしてクエリー入力をスピードアップできるSQLフォーマッターを含みます。

dbForge SQL Complete Key Features

  • Context-based code completion - dbForge SQL Complete thoroughly defines context to predict what you want to type next. The intellisense only prompts relative keywords and names of database objects. Just type several symbols and see the required word in the suggestion list. Press Enter and continue with your query.
  • Parameter Info - When you type names of user-defined and built-in functions and procedures, dbForge SQL Complete will display their parameter information in a hint. Get the necessary information promptly without browsing external documentation.
  • Customizable SQL formatting - Produce clear and well-formatted code without worrying about indents, whitespace, wrapping, line breaks, etc. Just keep typing your SQL and see it automatically transformed based on your preferences and formatting rules. With a wide selection of formatting options you can set any formatting style you need.
  • SQL Complete vs Microsoft native IntelliSense® - dbForge SQL Complete provides intellisense for SQL Server, regardless of SSMS versions. Native intellisense does not work with those SQL Server versions that differ from your SMSS version.
  • Smart filtering to suggest relative keywords and objects – dbForge SQL Complete filters the suggestion list based on various criteria: first typed symbols, whitespace, camel case or a square bracket. You can be sure, whatever you type, suggestions will be just what you wanted.
  • Context-based sorting of suggestions in the list – dbForge SQL Complete saves you time by sorting names of database objects by type, and displaying most relevant suggestions in the top of the list; others are moved to the bottom.
  • Determining a current database or schema - dbForge SQL Complete displays a list of database objects from the current database or schema even if their names are not specified in a query. The names of the current database or schema are determined based on connection properties of the current SQL document. Besides, SQL Complete finds USE statements in the code and changes the current database for subsequent SQL statements.
  • Expanding a list of columns - You can replace the * asterisk symbol with the list of columns from the required table or view on pressing the Tab key.
  • Suggesting conditions for JOIN statements - SQL Complete can suggest a full statement based on foreign keys, or it can prompt conditions based on column names.
  • Automatic alias generation - dbForge SQL Complete automatically generates an alias for each table object (table, view, stored procedure, function, synonym) in the FROM list of your SQL document.
  • Semi-transparent view of the suggestion box - When your code is overlapped by the suggestion box, do not close the suggestion box. Hold Ctrl to make the suggestion box switch to a semi-transparent view.
  • Suggestions of T-SQL statements in procedures and functions: dbForge SQL Complete supports: DECLARE statements for local variables, cursor variables, and table definitions; cursors (declared with the help of DECLARE CURSOR statements) in OPEN, CLOSE, DEALLOCATE statements; context for such control-of-flow as BEGIN...END, GOTO, IF...ELSE, RETURN, BREAK, CONTINUE, WHILE, WAITFOR, TRY...CATCH, CASE, RAISERROR.