ExpressPrintingSystem Suite の主な機能

Features of Express Printing System Suite

Main Features Include:

  • New Report Links - The ExpressPrinting System now supports more then 30 different visual controls including Generic Containters such as Form, Frame, Panel, and ExpressLayoutControl
  • Report Persistence - you can now Save/Load to/from File/Stream. This feature is instantly available to your end-users via the ExpressPrinting System's Preview Window
  • Report Explorer Technology - Our Report Explorers allows you to review/recall reports saved either to disk or a database (File Explorer or DB Explorer). They are linked to the TdxComponentPrinter which manages the DataSource for individual ReportLinks. These Explorers can be directly embedded into the PreviewWindow
  • Thumbnail PageView within the Preview Window
  • Support for Express Styles and StyleSheets - Full native support for Styles and StyleSheets when used in association with the ExpressQuantumGrid, QuantumTreeList, and ExpressVerticalGrid
  • Unwrap "Detail views" in ExpressQuantumGrid - If a GridLevel has several SubLevels then all Levels will be printed one by one
  • 3 additional pagination modes for ExpressQuantumGrid - By Rows, By TopLevel Groups and Custom (the appropriate event is fired during processing of each row in the Grid)
  • 2 additional pagination modes for ExpressQuantumTreeList - By Nodes and Custom (the appropriate event is fired during processing of each node in the TreeList)
  • Full Custom Draw Support - Need a green bar like report? Simply use the extensive custom draw support to implement all types of effects such as green-bar, high-low threshold, and visual alerts using the rich custom draw event model of the ExpressPrinting System
  • Print Style Component - Using the new Print Style components, you can provide, several distinct presentation styles for each ReportLink. Even more, using runtime-customization, your users can create new styles on the fly and save them for later use, just like Microsoft does in Outlook
  • Header and Footer support - ExpressPrinting System gives you exquisite control over the presentation and positioning of page headers and footers. There is support for standard elements such as page numbers, dates, and times. Like all Developer Express products, the ExpressPrinting System includes extensive run-time customization, so your users can modify these headers and footers based upon their specific business needs
  • Page Setup Dialog - With the page setup dialog you can control virtually all aspects of printing. The page setup dialog supports the selection and creation of styles, selection of paper types, header/footer content and layout, and margins. No longer are these options hard or even impossible to control - the ExpressPrinting System makes it a breeze
  • Print Dialog - The enhanced print dialog gives you a high degree of control over what options are available when printing Printer selection, output to file, page selection and collation are all there. You can even control what buttons are displayed or enabled, all through a convenient non-visual component interface
  • Engine Controller - The engine controller provides a quick and easy way to centrally control global properties for all reports that may be printed using the ExpressPrinting System. From this component you can control the look & feel, the path for saving custom settings, and Help file
  • Intelli-Zoom - Using a mouse equipped with a wheel, you can zoom in and out on your reports without entering magnification manually, or selecting it from a menu
  • Scaling Support - With built in Scaling support, the ExpressPrinting System allows your users to automatically scale individual reports to fit on one or more pages, as their needs dictate
  • Color, pattern, texture, and picture fills and backgrounds
  • Multiple page viewing modes such as single, double, quad, etc
  • Custom scaling
  • Intellimouse support
  • Drag-and-drop margins
  • Transparency support
  • Open and extensible architecture