Hackolade Studio

Hackolade Studio is user-friendly and simple-to-use, yet it provides powerful visuals and graphic data modeling to smooth the onboarding of NoSQL technology. Hackolade Studio helps analysts, designers, architects, and DBAs involved with NoSQL database technology achieve greater transparency and control, resulting in reduced development time, increased application quality, and lower execution risks across the enterprise.

Agile visual data modeling for JSON, NoSQL databases and REST APIs

Hackolade Studio provides visual representation of an Entity Relationship Diagram fir hierarchical structures used in NoSQL databases, JSON, Avro, and REST APIs. These graphical representations provide the data model and schema of a NoSQL application, and the documentation of that model. The application is specifically designed around the powerful nature of JSON nested sub-objects and denormalization.

Hackolade Studio is a client...


Hackolade Studio v3.5.x
Hackolade Studio v3.5.x
Hackolade Studio v3.4.3
Hackolade Studio v3.4.3
Hackolade Studio v3.4.1
Hackolade Studio v3.4.1
Hackolade Studio v3.3.1
Hackolade Studio v3.3.1
Hackolade Studio v3.3.0
Hackolade Studio v3.3.0
NoSQLデータベースのデータモデリング、JSONとAvroのスキーマデザイン、Swagger APIのビジュアルデザインツール

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