HarePoint Discussion Board for SharePoint について


HarePoint Discussion Boardは、職場に「ソーシャル」の利点を提供するディスカッションスレッドとフィード機能を追加し、チームメンバー間の相互作用とコラボレーションのための理想的な機会を提供します。HarePoint Discussion Boardは、ページのリロードを必要とせずに、すべての新しい投稿、返信やコメントをすぐに表示することによって、リアルタイムのディスカッションを可能にします。ディスカッションはちょうど必要なページにWebパーツを配置し、どのサイト上でも利用可能にすることができます。リアルタイム·モードでのディスカッションスレッドに投稿を承認または拒否することができるようにモデレーションが可能です。

HarePoint Discussion Board for SharePoint provides an ideal opportunity for interaction and collaboration among your team members empowered by discussion threads and feeds that deliver the ‘social’ advantages to the workplace.

Unlike SharePoint’s out-of-box discussion board feature and the range of available third party tools, HarePoint Discussion Board allows real-time discussion by showing all new posts, replies and comments in real-time without page reloading. But the same SharePoint discussion board remains under the hood, so there is no problem with backup, migration, or maintenance. On top of that, you can connect HarePoint discussion boards to any existing discussion boards on your portal and empower them with a great user interface.

HarePoint Discussion Board key features:

  • Appearance: the solution provides different discussion views and appearances, so you can use the most suitable view for your specified case.
  • Availability: discussions are available anywhere on your sites - just place the board web part on the required page.
  • Levels: multiple discussion levels are available; the number of levels may be customized.
  • Editing: posted messages can be edited in-place or deleted if you don't like them.
  • Moderation: moderators are able to approve or reject posts in the thread in real-time mode.
  • Attachments: add any type of attachments to your message; control their upload status in real-time and view picture previews.
  • Adaptation: existing out-of-the-box discussion board threads can be easily adopted for display with HarePoint Discussion Board
  • Compatibility: the product is compatible with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013.​​​