HarePoint Short URL for S​harePoint について


HarePoint Short URLは、SharePoint環境の代わりに、長くて魅力のないものではなく、ユーザーが短く読み取り可能なリンクを作成することができます。HarePoint Short URLを使って、SharePointサイト内のWebページ、ドキュメント、リスト要素のリンクを覚えて簡単に短く作成できます。

When should you use HarePoint ShortURL?
Below is a typical address of a SharePoint page:


Obviously this type of link is difficult to use. Imagine trying to give this link over the phone, print it in the company's leaflet or put it in Twitter.

With HarePoint Short URL, this page can be accessed with a URL which instead looks like this:


This URL is much easier to use and remember than the first link.

HarePoint Short URL features:

  • Easy and fast deployment with a handy Installation Wizard;
  • Generation of short URLs automatically or manual creation using a custom name;
  • Convenient access to feature interface through Site Actions or Items Context menu;
  • Control and management of all links created by users: review, modify, and delete short links;
  • Support of any SharePoint object: site page, document, list item and list item forms (View, Edit);
  • Usage statistics: administrator can view the number of clicks for any short link;
  • Life-time license, one-time licensing fee.