MindFusion.Diagramming for ActiveX Professional 4.9.5

Released: Jul 29, 2019

4.9.5 での更新項目


Selection improvements

  • The pen style and color of the selection lasso can be customized via LassoStyle, LassoWidth and LassoColor properties.
  • Holding Shift when drawing a selection lasso will extend to multiple selections, without deselecting previously selected items.
  • Dragging the pointed item when ModificationStart mode is set to auto-handles and while holding down Ctrl will add the item to a multiple selection.
  • Set the fDisableSelectionDirtyFlag bit of EventFlags to prevent setting Dirty when selection changes.

Flowchart size and scrolling

  • AutoSizeDirections FlowChart property specifies in what directions auto-sizing should be allowed.
  • AutoScrollType FlowChart property toggles between two auto-scroll modes.
  • ncKeepInsideDiagram constraint can now be assigned to a node's Constraints.


  • Type-specific BoxModified, TableModified and ArrowModified events are now raised in addition to the general ObjectModified.
  • SetTextPadding method added to the Box class.
  • The TextFits method determines whether text fits inside current size of a box.