MindFusion.Reporting for Silverlight(英語版)

MindFusion.Reporting for Silverlight lets you create stunning reports with images, header and footer and data from any .NET data source. It includes a full featured report viewer that lets you change the page size, zoom factor and provides easy navigation between report pages.

MindFusion.Reporting for Silverlight Features

  • The Report - Each report consists of pages and report items. You can customize the location and size of each item. You can add as many report items as you wish and choose their border and background. The number of report pages is unlimited. Each page can have a header and a footer designed through templates.
  • Report Data - MindFusion.Reporting for Silverlight supports all .NET data sources and you can use more than one data source in any given report...

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Developer License - Licenses are perpetual。 One license is required per developer。 You are NOT required to pay any additional distribution、 runtime、 royalty、 or per-end-user license fees。 Site-wide...


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