MySQL Migration Toolkit のリリース

Released: Jul 27, 2020

v7.5.1 での更新項目


  • Added the ability to create logged/unlogged PostgreSQL tables.
  • Added the ability to switch between INSERT/COPY when writing to a PostgreSQL database.
  • Improved support for Unicode when migrating MySQL to Microsoft Access, DB2, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and Microsoft Excel.

Released: Mar 30, 2020

v7.5 での更新項目


  • acc2sql does not require MS Access installation.
  • All MySQL related tools support the recent MySQL authentication protocol.
  • Table customization in pgs2sql (option to modify name, type and other attributes of any table column).
  • Option to specify PostgreSQL schema in sql2pgs.
  • Improved support for PostgreSQL v12 in pgs2sql and sql2pgs.

Released: Nov 6, 2018

v7.3 での更新項目


  • Excel-to-MySQL adds support for new MySQL authentication.
  • Piecewise writing to MySQL database and dump file (big data support).
  • Workaround for MySQL 8.0 password hashing.
  • Option to reorder views to preserve dependencies in all converters that support views.
  • Improved support for relationship (attributes) and def.values for date/time columns in Access-to-MySQL.
  • Improved processing BLOBs in MySQL-to-Oracle and PostgreSQL-to-MySQL.
  • Improved type mapping for boolean, decimal and datetime in SQLite...

Released: Jan 8, 2018

v7.1 での更新項目


  • New Firebird-to-MySQL converter.
  • Added DBase7 timestamp support in DBF-to-MySQL.
  • Added support for Oracle 12.2 in Oracle-to-MySQL and MySQL-to-Oracle.

Released: Jun 9, 2017

v6.5 での更新項目


Access-to-MySQL converter

  • Support for attachment type and column description.

DBF-to-MySQL converter

  • Improved support of FoxBase database format.
  • Options to specify MySQL table type and charset.

MSSQL-to-MySQL converter

  • Options to specify MySQL table type and charset.
  • Support for XML type and user-defined logfile in MSSQL-to-MySQL converter.

PostgreSQL-to-MySQL converter

  • Option to connect to non-default PostgreSQL database.
  • Options to specify MySQL table type and charset.
  • Verified support for...

Released: Mar 14, 2016

6.3 での更新項目


  • Works with FoxPro, IBM DB2, MS Access, MS Excel, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres.
  • All versions of Windows and Linux/Unix database servers are supported.
  • Converts table structures and data with all necessary attributes.
  • Converts indexes, foreign keys and queries (views).
  • Option to filter data using SELECT-queries.
  • Stores conversion settings into a profile.
  • Option to export data into a MySQL dump file.
  • Command line support.
  • Easy-to-use wizard-style interface.
  • Quick Launch support.