Nevron Chart for .NET 仕様

  Nevron Chart for .NET Lite Nevron Chart for .NET Professional Nevron Chart for .NET Enterprise
General Chart Features
Chart Wizard
Chart Editor
VS Design Time Support
Image Export Dialog
Print Preview Dialog
Number of Panels (Charts, Legends, Labels, Watermarks etc.) unlimited unlimited unlimited
Number of Series unlimited unlimited unlimited
Number of Data Points unlimited unlimited unlimited
Number of Legend Data Items unlimited unlimited unlimited
2D Charts
3D Charts  
Automatic Data Label Layout    
Common Features for Each Chart Element
Fill Style (Color, Gradient, Image, Hatch, Advanced Gradient)
Stroke Style
Shadow Style
Interactivity (Tooltip, URL, Mouse Cursor Change, Drill Down)
Custom Tag
Hierarchical Id, Unique Id
Chart Series
Area, XY Scatter Area
Bar, XY Scatter Bar
Bubble, XY Scatter Bubble  
Floating Bar, XY Scatter Floating Bar  
High-Low / Range, XY Scatter High-Low / Range  
Line, XY Scatter Line
Point, XY Scatter Point  
Smooth Line, XY Smooth Line, DateTime Smooth Line  
Smooth Area, XY Smooth Area, DateTime Smooth Area  
Step Line, XY Step Line, DateTime Step Line  
Stock, DateTime Stock  
Grid Surface  
Mesh Surface    
Triangulated Surface    
Stacked Area
Stacked Bar
Stacked Line
100% Stacked Area
100% Stacked Bar
100% Stacked Line
Clustered Bar
Clustered Floating Bar  
Overlapped Line
XYZ Bar    
XYZ Stacked Bar    
XYZ Clustered Bar    
XYZ Bubble    
XYZ Float Bar    
XYZ Line    
XYZ Scatter Point    
XYZ Smooth Line    
XYZ Step Line    
Shape, XYZ Shape    
Error Bar, XY Error Bar, XYZ Error Bar    
Box and Whiskers, XY Box and Whiskers, DateTime Box and Whiskers    
Vector (2D and 3D)    
Range (2D and 3D)    
Polar Point    
Polar Line    
Polar Area    
Radar Line    
Radar Area    
Stacked Radar Area    
100 % Stacked Radar Area    
Point And Figure    
Three Line Break    
Line Studies
Fibonacci Arcs    
Fibonacci Fans    
Fibonacci Retracements    
Speed Resistance Lines    
Quadrant Lines    
Trend Line    
Series Attributes
Data Point Markers
Data Point Labels
Data Manipulation
Empty Data Points
Empty Data Points Substitution  
Data Binding  
Data Operations: Finding, Filtering, Sorting, Evaluating
Financial Functions    
Statistical Functions    
Data export to DataTable
Data import from DataTable, DataView, DataReader
Data import from Excel (XLS and XLSX)    
Data import from CSV    
Axis Features Anchors
Dock Axis Anchor
Cross Axis Anchor  
Axis Features Scale Modes
Numeric Scale
Date / Time Scale
Logarithmic Scale
Ordinal Scale
Hierarchical Scale    
Value Timeline Scale    
Range Timeline Scale    
Date Time Work Calendar    
Axis Paging View
Date/Time Axis Paging
Numeric Axis Paging
Miscellaneous Axis Features
Scale Sections    
Interlaced Strip Lines  
Dynamic Strip Lines  
Custom Scale Programming    
Range Selections    
Master / Slave Range Selections    
Axis Cursors    
Master / Slave Axis Cursors    
Axis Const Lines
Axis Stripes
Axis Scrolling    
Automatic Scale Breaks    
Custom Scale Breaks    
Custom Range Labels    
View Range Inflate
Ruler Caps
Legend Features
Automatically populate from Series
Manual Legend Data Items
Customizing the Appearance (FillStyle, GridLines etc.)
Legend Interlacing    
Multiple Series per Legend
Multiple Charts per Legend
Legend Data Item Text formatting
Auto Sizing
Numeric Display    
Numeric Display    
Linear Gauges    
Circular / Radial Gauges    
Knob Indicator    
Needle Indicator    
Marker Indicator    
Range Indicator    
State Indicator    
Data Point Anchor    
Axis Value Anchor    
Legend Data Item Anchor    
Model Coordinate Anchor    
Scale Coordinate Anchor    
Coordinate Transformations
Scale To Model, Model To Scale
Model To Viewport, Viewport to Model
Scale To Viewport, Viewport to Scale
Visual Effects
Alpha Blending
Custom Painting
GDI+ Device
Nevron Device
BeforePaint and AfterPaint event
Custom Binary (with Serialization Filters)    
Custom XML (with Serialization Filters)    
Windows Forms Features Tools
Selector Tool
Data Point Drag Tool    
Axis Scroll Tool    
Axis Cursor Tool    
Tooltips, Mouse Cursor
Data Zoom Tool
Data Pan Tool
Trackball Tool  
Zoom Tool
Offset Tool
Windows Forms Features Printing
Print Preview Dialog
Multi Page Printing    
Printer Friendly Charts    
Custom Printing
Web Form Features
Image response
Image Stream To Browser
AJAX Support
HTML Image Map
Postback Events
Client Side Scripting
Automatic File Cleanup
Browser detedtion
ThinWeb Features (Web Form and MVC)
Data Zooming    
Data Scrolling    
Gauge Indicator Dragging    
Custom Commands and Requests    
Tooltips, Cursor Change and Browser Redirection    
CSS Customization    
Automatic Update    
Tiled Chart Rendering    
Client Side Events    
Server Side Events