Nevron Vision for SharePoint 2019.1

Released: Jun 3, 2019

2019.1 での更新項目


  • Support for Microsoft SharePoint 2019
    • All web parts in the suite - Chart, Gauge, Barcode, and Map now support SharePoint 2019.
  • New Ternary Chart type
    • This feature allows you to display Ternary Point and Ternary Bubble series inside a ternary chart. A ternary chart is a type of plot on three variables which sum to a constant.
  • Point Series Droplines
    • The Point Series now supports drop lines. Drop lines are lines which extend from the point X, Y, Z value to the chart walls. Optionally drop lines can extend to the axis Min, Max value or to a user-specified value (drop lines origin).
  • Bar Connect Lines
    • The Bar Series now supports connector lines between adjacent bars.
  • Float Bar Connector Lines
    • The Float Bar Series now supports connector lines between adjacent bars begin / end values.
  • Heat Map Contour Labels
    • The Heat Map Series supports annotated contours. The user can specify the formatting of the contour value (elevation). the distance between labels along the contour, whether the orientation of the labels must follow the contour slope, whether the label should clip the contour line it annotates and others.
  • TimeSpan Scale
    • This type of scale allows you to display duration of time (time span) (usually on the X Axis). The duration is specified in time spans or ticks