NOV Chart for .NET(英語版)

NOV Chart for .NET is an advanced .NET charting component for cross-platform application development. NOV Chart allows for the visualization of business, scientific, financial and presentation charts.

Some of the major benefits of NOV Chart for .NET are:

  • Single code base for WPF, WinForms, Silverlight, MonoMac & Xamarin.Mac.
  • Complete set of 2D charting types.
  • Unlimited number of chart series and axes.
  • Advanced chart axis model.
  • Interactivity features - zooming, scrolling, tooltips.
  • Optimized for high-performance charting.


NOV Chart for .NET 2019.1
NOV Chart for .NET 2019.1
NOV Chart for .NET 2017.1
NOV Chart for .NET 2017.1
Visual Studio 2017を完全にサポート、UIとフレームワークを改善

価格:¥ 100,200 (税抜)〜

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  • .NET Class
  • .NET WPF
  • Silverlight
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  • Windows ランタイム コントロール
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