NOV Rich Text Editor(英語版)

NOV Rich Text Editor for .NET is a fully featured, cross-platform text processor which aims to deliver fast and robust text processing abilities to your applications. Nevron Text Editor was built from the ground up to bridge the gap between HTML and old text processing models (Word) and at the same time to deliver features not found in either of them. As a result Nevron Text can edit both Word-like and HTML documents.

The main features of the NOV Rich Text Editor control are:

Character Formatting
Characters can be formatted using different settings for font, font size, character style - bold, italic, underlined, strike-through style and different colors for background, foreground etc.

  • Font style support (Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikethrough)
  • Font name (ability to switch the font family)
  • Font size
  • Superscript / Subscript
  • Foreground Fill (color, gradient, hatch etc. fill style can be applied on all text...


NOV Rich Text Editor 2022.2
NOV Rich Text Editor 2022.2
NOV Rich Text Editor 2022.1
NOV Rich Text Editor 2022.1
RTF、DOCX、およびEPUBのサポートが向上し、Visual Studio 2022をサポート
NOV Rich Text Editor 2021.1
NOV Rich Text Editor 2021.1
Nevron - 早春プロモーション
Nevron - 早春プロモーション
NOV Rich Text Editor 2019.1
NOV Rich Text Editor 2019.1
NOV Rich Text Editor 2017.1
NOV Rich Text Editor 2017.1
複数の範囲の選択機能を追加、RTFとDOCXの箇条書きの処理方法を改善、Visual Studio 2017をサポート

価格:¥ 97,790 (税込)〜

One Software License is required per developer。 If you have a large project、 part of which will be developed with Nevron Open Vision you need to license only the developers that will be actively...


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Component Type
  • .NET WinForms
  • .NET Class
  • .NET WPF
  • Blazor