SQL Provision のライセンス

SQL Provision(英語版)のご希望のライセンス条件については、当社のRedgate Software専門のライセンス担当者にお問い合わせください。

SQL Provision is licensed per year. To continue to use the software you must have a valid subscription.

Pricing for SQL Provision is based on the total volume of data in all production databases that you would like to provision or mask from.

If you are provisioning or masking from a different source e.g. a data warehouse or a backup, you will only need to calculate the databases size in their production environment.

Every 12 months after your subscription begins, you will be asked to ‘true up’ to check you are still on the appropriate tier for the next year.

If you exceed the tier capacity during your subscription period, you can continue to use the tool until the end of your subscription. However, you will need to true up to the appropriate tier for your next subscription period.

Example 1
You have 5 production databases with different schemas. Each database is 500GB in size, totaling 2.5TB at source. If you would like to provision or mask from these 5 databases over the annual subscription period, you would need a license in the 3TB capacity tier.

Example 2
If you would like to provision a 1TB database but mask a separate 500GB database, you need to purchase a 3TB capacity license of SQL Provision, or a 1TB license of SQL Provision and a 1TB license of Data Masker to cover this usage.

Example 3
If you would like to provision a 1TB database and mask 500GB of data from the same database, you only need to purchase a 1TB capacity tier license of SQL Provision (or a 1TB license of SQL Clone and a 1TB license of Data Masker).

Example 4
If you would like to provision from a 100GB production database, and backups at different points in the database's history, you will only need to purchase the 100GB tier license. This is because you are provisioning from the same database at different points in its life.

Example 5
If you only need to provision or mask a subset of a 3TB database, you will either need to purchase the 3TB license, as this is the size of the production database, or subset out the data you want to work with into a separate database before using the tools.

Support and upgrades
For the duration of the purchased support period; 1 Year, 2 Years or 3 Years, you will receive:

  • Free upgrades: when a new major version of the software is released, you'll get it for free.
  • Full support: if you hit any problems, you can speak to a dedicated product support engineer by email, forum, or phone.


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