SharpShooter Diagrams について


Silverlightアプリケーションにフローチャート、組織図、他のダイアグラムの種類と特殊なグラフィックスを追加できるデザイナー、を追加できます。SharpShooter Diagramsはフローチャート、組織図、マインドマップ、サイトマップ、ベンダイアグラム、レーン、SWOT分析、ビジネスプロセスモデリング等の作成を可能にするネイティブSilverlightコンポーネントです。簡単にSilverlightアプリケーションに統合することができ、強力で統一されたデザイナーが含まれています。ビジュアルデザイナを使用して図形、外観と動作の調整が可能プロパティをたくさん利用し、静止画像だけでなく事前に設計された、すぐに使用できる形状セットや、複雑なオブジェクトが含まれます。

SharpShooter Diagrams Features

User Interaction

  • Scrolling and zooming
  • Copy / paste
  • Snap to grid
  • Undo / redo support
  • Diagram saving to XML
  • In-place editors
  • Various measure units
  • Real-time interactive changes view: all manipulations performed by the users (move of shapes and links, rotation, change of links layout, etc.) are seen on the screen immediately
  • Printing


  • Programmatic access to all diagram elements: simple object model of the diagram allows manipulating diagram structure and all its properties from code.
  • Customizable behavior: virtually any aspect of design-time behavior of any graphic objects (adorners, in-place editors, etc.) can be changed.

Diagram Elements

  • 200 pre designed shapes that are not just static images, but complex objects with plenty of properties setting up their appearance and behavior in the designer
  • BPMN (Business Process Management Notation) shapes
  • User can move, rotate, change size of a single diagram item and a group of them
  • Special adorners allowing interactive change of the shape form and properties
  • Ability to define custom shapes and shape libraries
  • New shapes are on the way

Automatic Layout

  • Unique algorithm for automatic links layout
  • Minimum intersections and turnings of link routes
  • Correct bending of diagram items
  • Drawing of link intersections (small eyelet at the intersection point)
  • Avoiding merger of parallel lines