SQL Enterprise Job Manager について

複数のSQL Serverのエージェントのジョブを監視・管理

複数のSQL Server間でエージェントジョブを監視し、管理できます。 Idera SQL Enterprise Job Managerは、SQL Server全体の環境を越え、SQL Serverエージェントジョブの総合的な監視を提供します。何が実行されるように予定されているか、いつ実行されるかをご覧ください。現在実行中のジョブの分別ステータス情報まで取得できます。

Monitor Jobs
SQL Enterprise Job Manager provides comprehensive monitoring of SQL Server agent jobs across the entire SQL Server landscape.  See what is scheduled to run and when it is running.  Get up to the minute status information on currently running jobs.

Calendar View
View jobs and status in an easy to read calendar format.  View jobs across all of your instances or drill-down to a single instance. Jobs are color-coded to help you quickly identify the current status.  Quickly view past scheduled and manually run jobs or look ahead to see future scheduled jobs.

Manage Jobs
SQL Enterprise Job Manager lets you manage jobs across multiple SQL Server instances.  Easily create, edit and delete SQL Server agent jobs from the jobs console. SQL EJM makes it easy to build or modify a job with a few simple clicks.

Build configurable email alerts for jobs across your SQL Server environment to stay on top of issues.  Establish alerts for indicators such as when jobs fail or restart, server instance connection failures or when job agents have stopped running.

Web-Based Management Console
SQL Enterprise Job Manager is a stand-alone web console.  With the web-based management console, you can login remotely from anywhere to monitor and manage your SQL Server agent jobs.

Enterprise Job Management

  • Dashboard View - The intuitive dashboard provides an easy to read overview of job environment. Get an alert summary, schedule of the day’s jobs and their status, and an overview each managed instance. Then point and click to get more details and take action.
  • Calendar Schedule View - The calendar schedule helps yousee jobs and status in an easy to read calendar format across all of your instances or drill-down to a single instance.
  • Create & Modify Jobs - Create new SQL Server agent jobs or modify existing jobs on a single managed instance or across multiple instances.
  • Alerts & Notifications - Create job alerts and set up email notifications to stay informed and on top of issues as they happen. Set custom alert thresholds to make sure you receive notifications tailored to your environment.
  • Job History - View the run history of all monitored jobs. The job history page provides an overview of each jobs status, run duration, and summary of the results. Filtered views help you quickly get to the information you want. You can also export the data as a .PDF, .CSV, or XML file.

Scalable Architecture

  • Built to manage jobs across your entire SQL Server environment
  • Customize the job status collection interval by instance to optimize the balance between performance and data.

Lightweight Web UI

  • Stand-alone web application; no need for IIS.
  • Intuitive web-based UI; sign on and use remotely from anywhere.