SQL Safe Backup のリリース

Released: Nov 14, 2020

v8.7.x での更新項目


Updated Nov 14, 2020


  • Added features from the web console to the desktop console.
    • Virtual Database.
    • Object-level Restore.
    • Copy Policy.

Released: Dec 17, 2019

v8.6.x での更新項目


Updated Mar 26, 2020


  • Added compression support for transparent data encryption (TDE) backups.
  • Support for change data capture (CDC) on restore.


  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes.


Updated Dec 17, 2019


  • Redesigned cloud backups and restores
    • With improved manageability, resiliency, and scalability.
    • For Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Azure Blob Storage.
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2019.


  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Released: Aug 2, 2019

v8.5.2 での更新項目


  • Updated web console - Added advanced settings when registering new agents.
  • Updated desktop console - Added native backup format support.
  • Improved user experience for transaction log backup operations.

Released: Oct 2, 2018

v8.5.1 での更新項目


  • Support for government cloud storage for Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.
  • Write striped backup files to TSM servers from desktop console (in addition to web console).
  • Support for SQL Server 2017 on Windows.
  • Support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2.
  • Improved web console.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Released: Mar 16, 2017

v8.4 での更新項目


  • Added complete SQL Virtual Database functionality.
  • Added support for SQL Server’s native backup format.


  • Fixed bugs to improve quality and stability.

Released: Sep 1, 2016

v8.3 での更新項目


  • Azure Blob Storage - Can specify Microsoft Azure Blob Storage as the location for the backup and restore files when performing backup and restore operations.
  • Copy Policies – Copy pre-existing policies and modify their settings before copying.
  • TSM Striped Backup – Perform striped backups to tape devices using Tivoli Storage Manager.
  • New IDERA Web Dashboard View - Group instances and databases with the use of dashboard's tags according to your environment setup preferences.
  • SQL Server...

Released: Jun 3, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in v8.2

  • Web Console Enhancements - many enhancements were made to incorporate functionality into the Web Console that previously only existed in the Windows Console. These include enhancements to the Home, Policies, Instances, Databases, Agents, and Administration views as well as new backup, restore, and log shipping wizards.
  • Support for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) – SQL Safe now supports S3 as an option for backup and restore. Users can initiate S3 operations ad-hoc or it can be...

Released: Jul 7, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in V8.0

  • EMC Data Domain Integration: Provides backup and restore capabilities to and from EMC Data Domain server via an easy to use wizard.
  • New Web-based Design: Easy to use web UI accessible from any web browser. See top issues summary in a dashboard view, perform backup and restore operations and view backup policies created from one consolidated view.
  • Integration with Idera Dashboard: SQL Safe Backup is now designed to work within Idera’s Dashboard providing an integrated common...

Released: Sep 8, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in V7.4

  • Availability Group Support - Configure SQL Safe policies to take backups from the preferred Availability Group replica. On restores, SQL Safe will assemble all the necessary files for a restore operation even if the backups were taken from different Availability Group members.
  • SQL Server 2014 Support - You may now backup SQL Server 2014 databases using SQL Safe. In addition, the SQL Safe repository is also supported on SQL Server 2014.
  • Support for SQL Server Express Edition - SQL...