TeeChart for .NET Pro Edition のリリース

Released: Feb 14, 2022

2022 での更新項目

2022 (Build 4.2022.5.16)

Updated May 16, 2022


  • You can now add Scroll/Zoom instances to the TeeChart.Xaml.WPF namespace.
  • The WinForms Designer Extensibility SDK now helps to check Microsoft .NET 5/6 DesignMode.


  • Translation not yet active for .NET 5 & 6.
  • TeeChart.WPF throws a FontSize error when its Width is small.
  • Further problems zooming on Arrow Series.

2022 (Build 4.2022.4.11)

Updated Apr 11, 2022


  • Fixed problems zooming on Arrow Series.

2022 (Build 4.2022.4.8)


Released: Feb 2, 2021

2021 での更新項目

2021 (Build 4.2021.12.20)

Updated Dec 20, 2021


  • DrawLineTool line end handles don't disappear on first paint when line deleted.

2021 (Build 4.2021.11.22)

Updated Nov 23, 2021


  • Improved mouse click handling events for Kagi and Renko Series.
  • Added ColorGrid and ChartPen to the TeeChart.Xaml.WPF assembly.
  • Added new sizing option to Print Margins - tenths of a millimeter.
  • Added the ability to export SubHeader and SubFooter to JavaScript.


  • Template export throws error using .NET...

Released: Aug 28, 2020

2020 での更新項目

2020 (Build 4.2020.11.25)

Updated Nov 25, 2020


  • Added new Visible property to TeeChart.Xaml.WPF Series class.
  • The OnManipulationDelta() slowFactor variable is now a public property.
  • Added new function type: Lagrange Polynomial Interpolation.


  • Horizontal scroll of ColorGrid series erroneous in WPF.

2020 (Build 4.2020.8.28)

Updated Aug 28, 2020


  • Added Axis class and properties to TeeChart.Xaml.WPF.


  • Fixed problem with watermark removal on TeeChart Business edition under...

Released: Jun 7, 2019

2019 (Build 4.2019.6.4) での更新項目


  • Adds support for .NET Core 3.0 preview in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019
    • Downloadable as nuget packages.
    • Supports Winform, ASP.NET and WPF.
    • Adds example for ASP.NET Core 3 MVC.

Released: Feb 8, 2019

v2019 での更新項目


  • Fixed - ActivityGauge series throws unhandled errors at designtime when opening a form.
  • Fixed - Export Series Marks Style and Format to missing from JavaScript.
  • Fixed - Colors are always exported with transparency to JavaScript.
  • Fixed - Export NewLines (\r\n) in Labels to JavaScript.
  • Fixed - Export HorizBar Gradient to JavaScript.
  • Fixed - Some shadows and pens/strokes aren't exported to JavaScript.
  • Fixed - Arrow Marks aren't exported to JavaScript.
  • Fixed - Improve Bar and CustomBar export...

Released: May 4, 2018

v2018 での更新項目


  • Enables JavaScript Gantt series exportation.


  • Fixed - x64 Source Build Fails in Source Code version for the TeeChart assembly.
  • Fixed - Series.Transparency returns value as 100 when null values are added.
  • Fixed - Rotated axis labels mis-place the axis title.
  • Fixed - Change from GDi+ canvas to Direct2D canvas loses left axis title.
  • Fixed - Change from GDi+ canvas to Direct2D canvas produces a colorless circle style.
  • Fixed - Series column headers misaligned for multi-series data export to...

Released: Mar 17, 2017

v2017 での更新項目


  • Integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.
  • Implemented Centre Mark over Pie Slice.
  • Implemented Pie Mark Rotated inline with Pie Slice.


  • [ID72] ScrollPager beaks the size of Parent Chart when it is docked.
  • [ID1446] The editor doesn't re-adjust its size when the text size of computer is changed.
  • [ID1637] Contour series FillLevels property doesn't work.
  • [ID1639] The Contour Series isn’t rendering correctly the FillLevels.
  • [ID1672] ScrollPager tool not rendering correctly in...

Released: Oct 26, 2016

v2016 (Build 4.1.2016.10265) での更新項目


  • Pre-release version of the upcoming TeeChart for XAML release. Only available for WPF as of now. Accompanied by a demo, it currently allows some TeeChart properties to be set and bound to/from via Xaml. It also supports interfaces like ObservableCollection to automatically update the data in the chart. Only a few select properties are available, and only Bar, Line, Pie and Points series are supported.
  • Support for extended range Axes. Now supports ranges from Double.MinValue to Double.MaxValue...

Released: May 13, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in 2016

Bug Fixes:

  • Problem with rotation of WPF TeeChart.
  • Zoom.Direction not working correctly in TeeChart.WPF.
  • PDF export non-functional.
  • Minortick pen erroneously changes width on chart repaints.
  • Missing options in the format tab of a Contour series.
  • Axis.GridPen.Centered property doesn't work without call to Invalidate.
  • KnobGauge series is resized when Marks are shown.
  • SilverlightDemo project doesn't render series and tools properly.
  • Bar examples of DemoProjectStandardSeries throw an...

Released: Dec 16, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in 2015 (Build 4.1.2015.12165)

  • New TeeChart.UWP.dll for the Universal Windows Platform (Windows 10).