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Universal Data Access Components (UniDAC) azane.charles [Cote Divoire] 06-Sep-2013 06:25:13

bonjour je sais pas comment ajouter les composants de unidac dans embarcadero rad studio ex2
aidez moi en me donnant un tutoriel

Universal Data Access Components (UniDAC) theo.welters [Germany] 09-Apr-2010 07:52:18

Hi folks,

we have purchsed a 4-developer licence for UniDAC Professional Edition in December 2009. I have done the download of the product at December 14th. With this product there are problems with the registration of the database provider components and the help files in RAD Studio 2010. On the devart homepage there is an announcement from March 15th 2010, that a new build of UniDAC is available for download. Does anybody know, how I can get this from ComponentSource? The Webdownload tool we used to get the purchased product in December does not work anymore. Is there anybody else with similar problems?

I'm looking forward to your replies.

Best Regards
Theo Welters
LVR InfoKom, Cologne, Germany

RE: Universal Data Access Components (UniDAC) support@componentsource.com 09-Apr-2010 08:21:57

Hello, please email support@componentsource.com with your order ID and we will be able to help.