VectorDraw IFC Library(英語版)

VectorDraw IFC Library is an add-on product to VectorDraw Developers Framework (VDF) that gives the ability to import and export the IFC format. It cannot be used independently since in order to open (mainly) and export it uses a big portion of the VDF implementations and therefore the combination of these two products is mandatory. Note that the IFC code is based on internal VectorDraw implementation and does not use any external library.


VectorDraw IFC Library 9.9001x
VectorDraw IFC Library 9.9001x

価格:¥ 212,410 (税込)〜

VectorDraw IFC Library is an add-on to VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF)。 You must have a current VDF license to purchase IFC Library。 VectorDraw IFC Library License is added to the VDF’s...


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