Xtra Spell Checker(英語版) について

Add advanced spell checking functionality to your WinForms .NET applications.

Xtra Spell Checker offers a straightforward way to add Microsoft Office style spell checking capabilities into your next Windows application. It includes built in suggestion forms that replicate corresponding forms found in Microsoft Word and Outlook. Because these forms were built using Xtra Editors Library, they will seamlessly integrate into any application powered by DevExpress controls.

Built-in Dialogs and Check as You Type Mode

  • Spell Checking Dialogs - A choice of two error indication dialogs both replicating dialogs found in Microsoft Office.  
  • Check as You Type - Whether you use DevExpress, or standard text input controls, words that aren't in the dictionary can be underlined using a wavy red line. When activated, the Xtra Spell Checker automatically checks spelling as you type, word by word in a separate thread without affecting UI responsiveness.
  • Spelling Options - Easily specify whether the spell checker ignores emails, URLs, mixed case/upper-case words, repeated words and words with numbers within them.

Control Integration and API

  • Supported Controls - A wide range of both DevExpress and standard text aware controls are fully supported, including complete integration with the DevExpress Rich Text Editor. Control spell checker options for each individual text editor using extender properties, with centralized control over these settings when you specify them using the Spell Checker control's properties.
  • Powerful and Flexible API - The Xtra Spell Checker's API includes methods to check an arbitrary string, a text editor's content or all text editor controls within a specified container. You can handle specially designed events to fully manage the spell checking process - including suppression of built-in forms, modification to suggestion lists, skipped words, manual error processing, etc.

Multiple Dictionaries and Shared Dictionary Storage

  • Dictionaries - Built-in support for custom dictionaries in plain text or the following read-to-use dictionary formats including Ispell, OpenOffice and Hunspell.
  • Mixed Language - Easily change the language and corresponding dictionary used during spell checking.
  • Shared Dictionary Storage - Instantly create a collection of dictionaries that can be shared across application forms.