XtraEditors Library について


XtraEditors Libraryは100% C#言語で設計されたコンポーネント スイートであり、Visual Studio .NETおよび、すべての.NET言語に最適化されています。XtraEditors Library(devexpress.xtraeditors)には15のデータ編集コントロールが含まれています。devexpress.xtraeditorsのすべての編集機能はアンバウンドおよびデータアウェアのモードで提供されています。Windows XPテーマのサポートも搭載しており、開発中の.NETアプリケーションに最新のルック&フィールを実現できます。他のDeveloper Express .NETコントロールと同様に、XtraEditors Libraryのソースコードも購入できます。

The XtraEditors Library gives you 20 feature-complete editors and 2 custom editor samples which demonstrate how easy it is to create your own editors. All the editors can be used in bound and unbound modes. All of them can be used as standalone or within container controls such as the XtraGrid, XtraTreeList, XtraVerticalGrid and XtraBars. The XtraEditors Library in addition gives you 16 controls from panels and group boxes, to tab control, data navigator and list boxes. This ensures that you build consistent applications whatever your business needs are.

The XtraEditors Library includes the following editors that can be used in bound or unbound mode, standalone or within containers like the XtraGrid, XtraTreeList, XtraVerticalGrid, XtraBars:

  • CheckEdit - a multi-purpose control that can serve either as a check box with two or three states or as a radio button
  • ProgressBarControl - a progress bar
  • MarqueeProgressBar - an infinite progress bar control
  • RadioGroup - an automatically arranged radio button group
  • PictureEdit - a control that allows pictures to be displayed and edited, by pasting them from the clipboard or loading them from a file
  • TextEdit - a single-line text editor that implements the basic text editing features used by other controls which have a text box
  • MemoEdit - a multi-line text editor
  • ButtonEdit - a text editor that allows you to display any number of buttons on the left or right edge of a text box
  • HyperLinkEdit - a text editor that provides a hyperlink appearance to the text and allows hyperlinks to be invoked
  • SpinEdit - provides easy editing of numeric values by incrementing or decrementing edit values using spin buttons, the mouse wheel or keyboard
  • TimeEdit - allows you to increment / decrement the currently selected time value element (hours, minutes, seconds) using spin buttons, the mouse wheel or keyboard
  • ComboBoxEdit - allows text values to be edited by selecting an item from the dropdown list or typing in values directly. It provides advanced features such as auto-completion of entered values
  • ImageComboBoxEdit - a combo box with a separate edit value and display text. Allowing you to display images within the text box and dropdown items
  • MRUEdit - a combo box that adds all the most recently entered values into the dropdown list
  • LookUpEdit - a multi-column combo box with lookup functionality. It offers you a number of advanced features such as dropdown list sorting, incremental filtering, etc.
  • DateEdit - a date editor with a dropdown calendar
  • PopupContainerEdit - allows you to display any control within the dropdown window.
  • CalcEdit - provides a dropdown calculator for easy editing of numeric values
  • ColorEdit - an editor with a Visual Studio-like color picker dropdown
  • MemoExEdit - a control with a dropdown memo editor. The best choice for providing memo fields in grids if you don't want to corrupt the layout of the cells
  • ImageEdit - a control with a dropdown picture editor. The best choice to present image fields in grids if you don't want to corrupt the layout of the cells
  • TrackBar - a track bar control
  • RangeTrackBar - a track bar control allowing you to set two values
  • ZoomTrackBarControl - Office 2007 style track bar control
  • Font Edit - font selector control

The following additional controls are included.

  • FilterControl - a stand-alone emulation of the XtraGrid's built-in Filter Editor which allows end-users to construct filter criteria of any complexity
  • XtraTabControl - a feature-complete tab control
  • DataNavigator, ControlNavigator - these controls have a common interface but differ in functionality. The first is bound to a data source to provide navigation through records, addition, deletion, etc. The second can be bound to controls that implement a specially designed interface. The XtraGrid control, for instance, implements this interface to provide master-detail navigation
  • ListBoxControl, ImageListBoxControl, CheckedListBoxControl - three variants of the list box control
  • LabelControl - a label that can display a horizontal divider after the text
  • SimpleButton - a button control that can display an image along with text
  • PanelControl - a panel control
  • GroupControl - a group box whose caption can be repositioned
  • SplitterControl - a splitter control
  • SplitContainerControl - a control represented by two group boxes which are separated by a vertical or horizontal splitter
  • HScrollBar, VScrollBar - scroll bars
  • XtraScrollableControl - allows you to easily implement custom scrollable controls
  • XtraForm, XtraUserControl, XtraMessageBox - controls designed to bring complete consistency to the user interface throughout the entire application

Appearance Customization

  • All the controls can be painted in 3D, Flat, UltraFlat, Office 2003 style or using the currently applied XP theme
  • Included controls fully support the Skins technology which means elements are constructed from a set of bitmaps. This allows you to provide an XP look and feel for any operating system. With the XtraEditors, you get multiple built-in skins including Office 2007 skins
  • The previous two benefits are possible since the XtraEditors Library supports a shared painting library. With this library, you have centralized control over the look and feel of all controls. You can change the paint style of all the controls by changing just a single property

The main benefits brought to you by the editor controls:

  • Masked input capabilities. You have numerous mask specification alternatives. From specifying masks as format strings to fully functional regular expressions with branching and auto-completion functionality
  • Formatting display values using standard format strings, custom format strings or by implementing a custom formatter class
  • Advanced data validation and error indication mechanisms
  • The ability to enter and indicate null values
  • Custom parsing for entered text
  • If you build data entry forms with the XtraEditors Library, end users can move focus to the next control in the tab order using the ENTER key
  • Full support for the keyboard and mouse wheel