ActiveReports について


ActiveReports は、Windows Forms や Web フォーム アプリケーションに対応した .NET レポート作成コンポーネントです。ActiveReports の主要な特長には、カスタマイズ性、高速性能、高品質、多言語機能などがあります。これらはすべて、世界中の何万にもおよぶアプリケーションで実証されています。ActiveReports は、PDF、Excel、RTF、TIFF などをはじめとする一般的なあらゆるファイル フォーマットへのデータのエクスポートをサポートします。ActiveReports は、使いやすい Visual Studio .NET レポート デザイナーや API を装備しています。ActiveReports には、すぐに使える多言語サポートが組み込まれています。また ActiveReports は、ロイヤリティ フリーでランタイムをシームレスに配備することもできます。ActiveReports には ActiveReports Professional と ActiveReports Standard の 2 つのエディションがあり、それぞれ購入できます。ActiveReports Professional を購入すると、End User Report Designer Control、Server-side WebViewer Control、ASP.NET HTTP Handler を入手することができます。

ActiveReports Professional's Top Features

  • Offer ad-hoc reporting to end users - By embedding the customizable ProDesigner* component in your desktop or web solution, you can give your users a tailored ad hoc report-creation experience
  • Powerful reporting engine - ActiveReports’ high-speed reporting engine is optimized for fast imports, exports, calculations, and large report generation
  • Branch out with multiple report types - Pick from layout-driven page reports, scrolling RDL reports, and code-based section reports to create a full-featured report library
  • No-code design with ProDesigner app - Design and deliver reports quickly and easily with the desktop ProDesigner* app
  • Save time with master reports - Create a master report* as a template to keep consistent branding in headers, footers, logos, and more
  • Export to multiple formats - Export to major modern document types like PDF, Excel, CSV, DocX*, JSON, Word, RTF, HTML, Text, XML, and TIFF

Explore ActiveReports' expansive feature set

.NET Report types

  • Data-driven continuous RDL reports
  • Layout-driven page reports
  • Banded section reports

Report creation

  • Create reports in Visual Studio with VSDesigner Add-In
  • Code-free design with standalone ProDesigner*
  • Add ad-hoc reporting for end users on web and desktop*

Dynamic .NET reports

  • .NET overloadable events
  • Comprehensive, flexible .NET API
  • Control Section Report behavior using events
  • Design dynamic .NET reports entirely in code
  • Change run-time behavior of RDL and Page reports
  • HTTP handlers*

Self-service .NET reporting for end users

  • Add ad-hoc report design for end users in desktop solutions*
  • Add ad-hoc report design for end users in web solutions*
  • Construct reports from parts of other reports*
  • Customizable set of .NET report designer controls
  • Install without Visual Studio for BI and IT teams
  • Customize report layouts for different customers using Layers

Shared .NET Report Sources

  • Nested data regions bound to different data
  • Shared datasources and datasets*
  • Visual Query Designer

Localize .NET Reports

  • Major language character sets and locales
  • Multiple languages supported
  • RTL support
  • Standard and custom multi-byte character sets

ActiveReports server integration

  • Publish ActiveReports directly to a server*
  • Server-based report execution*
  • Use reports already hosted on the server as report parts*
  • Server-based shared data sources and data sets*

Streamlined design and customization

  • .NET Report themes
  • Create and use custom controls in your project
  • CSS-like stylesheets
  • Master reports*
  • Embed SubReports in multiple reports
  • Mail merge operations

Display richly formatted text in XHTML

  • Include HTML text to render reports with rich text
  • Add mail merge fields
  • Add table, table row, table cell, and table header tags and attributes
  • Define element names and output
  • Map attributes to CSS properties
  • Set background and border colors
  • Toggle visibility on rich text


  • Add print methods to your reports
  • Booklet and duplex printing
  • Define different gutters and margins on odd and even pages
  • Define paper sizes, page margins, watermarks, and page scaling
  • PDF print presets
  • Print selected layers, select paper trays, and set pages per sheet
  • Scan preprinted forms for accurate layouts
  • View printer job

Royalty-free viewers

  • JavaScript Viewer*
  • WinForms Viewer
  • WPF Viewer with touch
  • HTML5 Viewer
  • ASP.NET Viewer*
  • ASP.NET Viewer (Raw HTML)*
  • ASP.NET Viewer (PDF)*

Report conversion

  • Convert Crystal Reports
  • Convert Section Reports to RDL
  • Import layouts from Excel
  • Convert MS Access reports
  • Convert RPX reports

Data Sources

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle Client Provider
  • CSV Files
  • JSON Datasources
  • XML Datasources
  • ODBC Providers
  • OLEDB Providers
  • Data Objects
  • Extensible Custom Data Providers
  • Shared datasources and datasets*


  • CSV and Excel
  • DocX* and Doc
  • HTML and XML
  • JSON
  • PDF
  • Advanced PDF encryption* like security, settings, and embedded fonts
  • RTF and Text
  • TIFF

Chart Controls

  • Area Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Bubble Chart
  • Column Chart
  • Financial Charts
  • Line Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Scatter Chart

Data Visualization

  • Banded Lists
  • Barcodes
  • Bullets and Sparklines*
  • Calendars
  • Containers and Overflow Placeholders
  • Formatted and Rich Textboxes
  • Images
  • Maps*
  • Tables
  • Table of contents*
  • Tablix in reports


  • Drill down
  • Filter parameters
  • Sorting

*Not included in ActiveReports Standard.