ActiveReports 13

January 15, 2019

13 での更新項目


  • ProDesigner for Web: Enable users to create ad-hoc reports in a web app - AR13 delivers a lightweight, yet robust, report designer. With only a few lines of code, you can easily embed the ProDesigner for Web in your web sites and applications, giving your users the power to design, create, and modify reports. That means the ProDesigner is able to open existing reports in a design view, where end users can manipulate the layout, as well as create new reports and preview them for WYSIWYG result.
  • JSViewer: A JavaScript viewer for ActiveReports - The JSViewer is a JavaScript library that can run on any modern browser providing a fast rendering experience to your users. It supports major web application frameworks, including Angular and Vue, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, and HTML. Included in ActiveReports Professional, the JSViewer adds further value to our offering for an enterprise-level reporting solution.
  • Enhance your charts' interactivity and performance with ActiveReports 13's overhauled charts - These charts are especially created for RDL and Page reports on the web, and they offer enhanced interactivity and improved performance. Existing reports with older, classic charts will automatically convert to the new charts, but the classic charts will still be available to use if you prefer.
  • Render even more HTML in a report with the FormattedText control - ActiveReports 13, enhances the FormattedText control to support many more HTML tags and attributes. Additionally, users can now see the rendered text in the control, at design time, to ensure a WYSIWYG result. New HTML tags and attributes include table, text alignment, and styling.
  • VSDesigner Add-In Enhancements: Use Visual Studio themes - Extend your Visual Studio theme to the ActiveReports designer and its supporting windows.