Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services (SSRS) V18.1

Released: Jan 30, 2018

V18.1 での更新項目


  • Null reference exception when cloning slides.
  • Ink pen object is missing in PNG and JPG output.
  • PPTX to PDF - Color of graph title and axis text changed.
  • Chart is missing in output PDF.
  • Poor quality image in output PDF.
  • Combo charts with custom combination have been omitted in output PDF.
  • While loading the presentation an exception 'Index was out of range' occurs.
  • WordArt object text is not changed.
  • StackOverflowException occurs when resizing a chart in PPTX file.
  • Legend is shifted and incorrectly formated when saving PPTX as HTML.
  • Excessive shape on slides in PPT files.
  • Ink objects are not shown when converting PPTX to PNG.
  • Grey scale image is rendered instead of color.
  • PPT not protected properly.
  • GDI exception on extracting images from presentation.
  • PPT not properly converted to PDF.
  • Exception  loading presentation.
  • PPTX to PDF - Number alignment incorrect.
  • Increasing memory consumption using Japanese characters.
  • NullPointer Exception when saving presentation.
  • Modifying header has no effect in exported PDF.
  • Hyperlink not working if saved as a PDF with int array parameter.
  • Shape background changes in exported PDF.
  • InvalidCastException on loading Presentation.
  • Internal hyperlinks are lost in exported PDF.
  • Position of line changes when converting to image.
  • HyperlinkQueries count property is wrong.
  • Exception on loading presentation.
  • NullReference exception is thrown on saving presentation.
  • Unable to change color of text element.