About True DataControl

Specify business logic in the data source of your desktop and web applications.

True DataControl is an ActiveX control that serves as an OLE DB/ADO data source for building applications. More than just a data source, it is a data source with logic - replacing the standard data sources like the MS ADO data control - allowing developers to specify business logic in the data source as a set of business rules, thus making the applications more robust, scalable, and manageable.

True DataControl is sold as part of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise and the ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX

True DataControl enables Rapid Application Development in an easy, robust, code-free manner. One of its main goals is to eliminate the need for manual coding whenever possible. Tutorials included with the product show how applications that formerly required coding can now be created without any code at all! You specify the application logic, data relationships, and user interface features in a nonprocedural manner, as a set of rules, and True DataControl will enforce them at run time. This nonprocedural logic can be easily combined with procedural code.

True DataControl can store data in its internal memory without connecting to a database, which enables you to leverage the power of data-aware controls by building "non-database" user interfaces.