True DataControl の主な機能

Features of True DataControl

Here is an explanation of the True DataControl features:

  • Calculated fields - All that you need to create a calculated field dependent on the values of other fields is to define a formula. True DataControl will maintain the field's value and update it automatically
  • Control properties - You can assign formulas to any properties of any controls on the form, even if they are not data-aware. True DataControl will automatically change the property each time the formula changes
  • Field modifications - True DataControl can recognize changes to fields made by the end user at the moment a change has been made, so you do not have to write event procedures for different types of controls. No more Click events in your code!
  • Expression editor - The expression editor allows you to visually construct expressions at design time
  • Master-detail relationships - True DataControl makes it very easy to specify one data source (detail) as dependent on another (master). Master-detail relationships are optimized for the best performance and are natively combined with all other True DataControl features
  • Ad-hoc query forms - True DataControl simplifies the construction of query forms by completely eliminating manual coding and the need for an in depth understanding of SQL
  • Query mode - True DataControl brings you the Filter By Form functionality from Microsoft Access, but greatly enhanced and much more flexible. You can now do Query By Example in Visual Basic, without writing any code!
  • SQL with parameters - A limitation of all standard Visual Basic data sources is the inability to use parameters in the underlying SQL statement at design time. True DataControl remedies this limitation and even allows expressions to be assigned to parameters, so they may be used without any manual coding
  • Field and record constraints - Validation conditions, or constraints, can be imposed upon individual fields and/or upon the record as a whole. True DataControl will take care of testing the constraints when the user changes afield or posts a modified record
  • Default values - You can specify the value to be assigned to a field in a new record, and even make it dependent on parameters
  • Filters - True DataControl supports filter expressions restricting the contents of the data source
  • One-to-one links - In addition to master detail (one to many) relationships, a data source may be placed into on-to-one correspondence with another data source regardless of their database format
  • Data in memory - True DataControl can be used to manage data in memory arrays/variables in exactly the same way as it manages the data of a database origin. Just define the fields at design time, and True DataControl will create internal memory storage. This powerful feature enhances all Microsoft and third- party data-aware controls, enabling them to be used in applications and forms that are not necessarily database-related
  • Custom data sources - As and alternative to database and memory array data sources, you can create customized data sources with event-driven code. This advanced feature is ideal for legacy data and proprietary file formats
  • Compatibility with ADO/OLE DB data sources - True DataControl can be used within VB6.0, Internet Explorer 4 and 5, Visual C++ 6, and in any Microsoft development environment that can bind to an ADO/OLE DB data source
  • Superior documentation - True DataControl includes a thorough and well-organized manual, extensive online help, tutorials, and sample projects
  • Responsive technical support - True DataControl is supported by a dedicated team of knowledgeable personnel, peer-to-peer newsgroups, and a well maintained web site with online product updates, sample code, and answers to frequently asked questions
  • Free run-time distribution - Free run time distribution allows applications developed with True DataControl to be distributed with no run time royalty fees