ComponentOne Xamarin.Android Edition について


ComponentOne Xamarin.Android is a collection of Android UI controls optimized for Android development with outstanding built-in features and superior flexibility. It allows you to design views in XML and develop applications similar to the pre-built UI controls in Android. ComponentOne Xamarin.Android Edition can be used to develop applications in conjunction with Microsoft Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio. By specifically focusing on the Xamarin architecture, the controls are optimized for the specific platform and since they are entirely C#, you can also expect a more consistent experience. The controls also support Xamarin’s designers for Android applications which makes it much easier to construct your Android XML using these controls.

ComponentOne Xamarin.Android Edition benefits:

  • Better Performance - The singular focus on Xamarin controls cuts unnecessary logic and offers improved performance.
  • Expanded Controls - Includes pull-to-refresh in FlexGrid, new brushes, multi-level grouping, improved layout options, marquee, and zooming.
  • Develop in Microsoft Visual Studio - Develop once in Visual Studio with C# and XAML to create enterprise-level apps with a universal experience.
  • Animations - Built-in, configurable smooth animations guarantee the best mobile experience.

ComponentOne Xamarin.Android Edition controls include:

  • FlexGrid - A flexible, feature-rich native mobile data grid which includes adaptive column layouts, touch for cell selection, editing, and scrolling, and flexible data binding.
  • FlexChart - Includes a wide variety of Cartesian chart types, including area, bar, bubble candle, column, HLOC, line, scatter, and spline. Also includes flexible data binding Link to Xuni site.
  • FlexPie - Includes exploding pie slices, selection, customizable data labels, and flexible data binding.
  • Gauges - Includes radial, linear, and bullet-graph gauges with full animation and interactions.
  • Calendar - Includes date range selection, horizontal and vertical navigation, and built-in touch gestures.
  • CollectionView - A powerful data binding component with currency, filtering, grouping, and sorting services. Also includes incremental loading.