Enterprise Architect Corporate Edition のリリース

July 25, 2019

15 での更新項目


  • Visual flexibility - Custom drawing styles let you choose how to represent design elements with custom shapes, transparencies, colors and images. Unleash your creativity and build the visual representations your customers are familiar with.
  • Governance - Take advantage of model based add-ins to enforce new work flows, governance and control within your mission critical models. Leverage the security group based restrictions on Perspectives (technologies) and Ribbon sets to ensure your modelers...
March 06, 2019

14.1 (Build 1429) での更新項目


  • Schema Composer JSON generation updated to prevent generation of empty type in properties.
  • SBPI Integration for Corporate and Unified editions now allow writing.
  • Publish Package as Profile now exports the current package regardless of where it is selected.
  • Publish Diagram as UML Profile no longer exports global defaults as colors on exported stereotypes.
February 06, 2019

Updates in 14.1 (Build 1428)

  • Schema Composer
    • CIM and Generic schema composer profiles now support generating a profile with multiple namespaces:
      • The Package URI property is used to as the namespace for any types it contains
      • The Package Alias property is used as a default namespace prefix
    • Properties restricted to a single specialization of the target type now reference the specialized type directly instead of using a choice
    • Property Restrictions dialog now provides the option of showing all...
September 12, 2018

Updates in 14.1 (Build 1427)

  • User Security and Login
    • Added support for logging in to User Security using OpenID.
    • Added capability to use the user credentials provided to the http security prompt for cloud models to be used as security credentials.
    • Added optional restriction to require model users to be authenticated through Windows authentication or OpenID.
    • Added option to automatically maintain the list of available users based on Windows Active Directory or OpenID groups.
    • Added option to allow...
July 27, 2018

Updates in 14 (Build 1423)

  • Direct SQL Server connections now available using Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server:
    • This updated driver from Microsoft supports multi-subnet failover capabilities and TLS 1.2 connections between client and server.
    • A separate update to the Pro Cloud Server is required to add this support for connections hosted by the Cloud Server.
  • Xerces-C++ dll updated to version 3.2.1.
  • SysML compartment names and contents obey the 'Use extended << and >> characters'...
June 13, 2018

14 (Build 1422) での更新項目


  • Attributes Constraints editor added to docked Attribute Properties.
  • ArchiMate 3
    • Quicklink behavior updated to set aggregation kind for Aggregation and Composition connectors.
    • Connector validation rules updated:
      • Specialization, Aggregation and Composition connectors now validate correctly.
      • Flow and Triggering connectors no longer report as not UML compliant.
  • Simulation
    • Executable Statemachine simulations will now end when no regions are active.
    • DMN Simulation will now ignore a step command if...
May 02, 2018

14 での更新項目


  • Context Browser
  • Cloud Connectivity with Firebird (feap) repositories
  • Diagram Discussions
  • Diagram Inline Specification View
  • Docked Property Windows (all major modeling components)
  • Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML)
  • Metamodel Views
  • Model Guidance Patterns
  • Model Pattern Library
  • NIEM 4
  • Perspectives
  • Program Memory Profiler
  • Program Stack Profiler
  • Roadmap Patterns & Profile
  • Team Library
  • Case Management (CMMN)
  • Decision and Model Notation (DMN) - Modeling
  • Personal Daily Journal
  • SysML...
July 19, 2017

13.5 での更新項目


Formal Reviews

  • A powerful yet simple mechanism for capturing and managing Element discussions in a team based environment.
  • This feature is an extension to normal Element Discussions by providing a structured process around creating, reviewing and actioning those conversations.
  • Formal Reviews Includes:
    • New 'Review' Toolbox, Element and Diagram type.
    • Discussion Window renamed to 'Reviews & Discussions' with a new tab 'Reviews'. This window will be the focal point for creating, managing and...