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Released: Mar 6, 2019

14.1 (Build 1429) での更新項目


  • Schema Composer JSON generation updated to prevent generation of empty type in properties.
  • SBPI Integration for Corporate and Unified editions now allow writing.
  • Publish Package as Profile now exports the current package regardless of where it is selected.
  • Publish Diagram as UML Profile no longer exports global defaults as colors on exported stereotypes.

Released: Feb 6, 2019

14.1 (Build 1428) での更新項目

Updates in 14.1 (Build 1428)

  • Schema Composer
    • CIM and Generic schema composer profiles now support generating a profile with multiple namespaces:
      • The Package URI property is used to as the namespace for any types it contains
      • The Package Alias property is used as a default namespace prefix
    • Properties restricted to a single specialization of the target type now reference the specialized type directly instead of using a choice
    • Property Restrictions dialog now provides the option of showing all...

Released: Sep 12, 2018

14.1 (Build 1427) での更新項目

Updates in 14.1 (Build 1427)

  • User Security and Login
    • Added support for logging in to User Security using OpenID.
    • Added capability to use the user credentials provided to the http security prompt for cloud models to be used as security credentials.
    • Added optional restriction to require model users to be authenticated through Windows authentication or OpenID.
    • Added option to automatically maintain the list of available users based on Windows Active Directory or OpenID groups.
    • Added option to allow...

Released: Jul 27, 2018

14 (Build 1423) での更新項目

Updates in 14 (Build 1423)

  • Direct SQL Server connections now available using Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server:
    • This updated driver from Microsoft supports multi-subnet failover capabilities and TLS 1.2 connections between client and server.
    • A separate update to the Pro Cloud Server is required to add this support for connections hosted by the Cloud Server.
  • Xerces-C++ dll updated to version 3.2.1.
  • SysML compartment names and contents obey the 'Use extended << and >> characters'...

Released: Jun 13, 2018

14 (Build 1422) での更新項目


  • Attributes Constraints editor added to docked Attribute Properties.
  • ArchiMate 3
    • Quicklink behavior updated to set aggregation kind for Aggregation and Composition connectors.
    • Connector validation rules updated:
      • Specialization, Aggregation and Composition connectors now validate correctly.
      • Flow and Triggering connectors no longer report as not UML compliant.
  • Simulation
    • Executable Statemachine simulations will now end when no regions are active.
    • DMN Simulation will now ignore a step command if...