ExpertPDF Pdf Security(英語版)

ExpertPDF Pdf Security can be used in any type of .NET application to manage the security settings of PDF documents. You can encrypt PDF content, add user and owner passwords and control PDF document permissions (for printing, copying, assembling, filling forms, editing content, editing annotations etc). You can also specify the length of the encryption key (40, 128 or 256 bits) and remove all the security settings by providing the user or owner password. The ExpertPDF Pdf Security library for .NET can be linked into any .NET application, either ASP.NET web sites or Windows Forms applications, to add pdf encryption capabilities to your application.

ExpertPDF Pdf Security Features:

  • .NET PDF security development libraries and samples
  • Includes a PDF Security command line tool
  • Set user and owner passwords
  • Encrypt PDF document content
  • 40, 128 and 256 bit encryption keys
  • Set PDF document permissions (print, edit, copy)
  • Remove PDF document security settings based on user or owner password
  • Memory and file versions of the API methods
  • Asp.Net support
  • Royalty free development libraries and samples

ExpertPDF Pdf Security also includes a command line...

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