Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF(英語版)


Infragistics 社の製品
1996 年より日本国内にてComponentSourceで販売中。

価格:¥ 159,200 (税抜)〜 バージョン: 19.2 新機能 更新日: Dec 10, 2019


Infragistics WPF 製品のすべてのコントロールは Infragistics Professional 及び Infragistics Ultimate にも含まれています。

Infragistics Professional :Ignite UI, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, Windows UI, Silverlight and WPFが含まれています。
Infragistics Ultimate Ignite UI, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, Silverlight, WPF, Windows UI, Windows Phone, LightSwitch, NUCLiOS, Iguana UI, NetAdvantage ICONS, 5 ユーザーQuince Subscriptionが含まれています。

Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF のリリース

Released: Dec 10, 2019

19.2 Build 19.2.20192.52 での更新項目


Excel Engine

  • Excel Image not serialized even though no manipulation on chart.
  • When loading an Excel workbook with a formula that references a region that has a period in its name, a FormulaParseException is thrown.
  • NameReference.ReferencedRegion returns null on first time query.
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when converting a "xltm" file to a "xlsx" file.
  • Calling ToReference on ExcelCalcValue in Evaluate function doesn't return a WorkSheetCell
  • Excel Engine Bug Fix Excel Chart with a...

Released: Nov 19, 2019

19.2 での更新項目


.NET Core 3 for Microsoft Visual Studio 2019

  • Now includes full support for .NET Core 3 in WPF. This allows Visual Studio developers to leverage the most modern .NET capabilities for web, rich client, IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning apps. From a developer perspective, you’ll see immediate improvement in what you can achieve with a smaller, lighter-weight .NET Framework. With Infragistics Ultimate 19.2, you can modernize your web and desktop applications and gain better...

Released: Oct 7, 2019

19.1 Service Release での更新項目



  • In the FormulaReferenceError event for a ListCalculator, e.Context is null and there is no information about which formula has the error - should be improved.
  • ArgumentNullException occurring when changing a formula on an ItemCalculation to an empty string.
  • ListCalculator doesn't correctly handle PropertyChangedEventArgs with empty string / null.


  • When a XamColorPicker is placed within a menu, clicking the selectors in the tabs in the "Advanced" menu close the...

Released: Jun 27, 2019

19.1 Service Release での更新項目



  • Performance issue when adding a new property descriptor to a dynamic object in that all other formulas on that object are recalculated.
  • For dynamically added properties, changing a formula does not appear to calculate and set property values.


  • Office2013 theme displays color picket elements incorrectly. Changed the Min-width of the ButtonStyle (affecting the ColorPalettesButton). Adjusted margins and width of ColorPalettesButton and changed the horizontal...

Released: Apr 17, 2019

19.1 での更新項目


.NET Core 3 Support

  • .NET Core 3 apps will run approx. 30% faster than apps running on the .NET Framework.
  • You no longer require your customers to have a specific version of the .NET Framework installed. Your app ships with everything it needs to run. Your customers no longer care about having a "prerequisite" framework installed in order to use your app. This is a big deal in the enterprise.
  • Support for the .NET Core CLI tools and SDK-style projects in Visual Studio. This makes creating and...

Released: Dec 21, 2018

18.2 Build 18.2.20182.186 での更新項目



  • When using Infragistics NuGet packages as PackageReference (VS2017), no satellite, .resources assemblies are created on build.


  • When using theming, the ItemContainerStyle of the XamComboEditor's ComboBox does not appear to respect local styles.


  • Dropdown list height is not correct when a list is filtered.
  • CustomValueEnteredAction Add is not working correctly with multiple selection.
  • XamComboEditor does not behave the same as MS Office.


  • DataChart...

Released: Nov 6, 2018

18.2 での更新項目


Excel Engine Features

  • Chart Support - With support for 70 different chart types, you can now create dashboard reports that visualize data in a clear and easily digestible manner. This brand-new Excel Charting API gives you complete control over how your charts are rendered with the ability to include a legend, a title, axis titles, and a vast number of options for styling such as gridlines, tick marks, colors and more. You have the full power of Excel charts at the tips of your fingers. The...

Released: Oct 2, 2018

18.1 Build 18.1.20181.237 での更新項目


  • Calendar
    • Decades/Centuries CalendarItem content has an additional \r character.
  • Category Chart
    • Y axis labels are cutoff.
  • Charts
    • ArgumentException when adding xamZoomSlider from the designer.
  • ComboEditor
    • Items are not being selected based on their DataContext's binding.
    • Auto width make the column cell value blank until resize the control.
  • DataChart
    • XamDataChart is crashed when re-setting itemsSorce(cond. It has two series , And setting miniumValue and maxinumValue).
    • BindingExpression path...

Released: Jul 10, 2018

18.1 Build 18.1.20181.176 での更新項目


Busy Indicator

  • During xamBusyIndicator display, Perform RestAPI and change isTabStop according to the result. But isTabStop can't changed.

Category Chart

  • CategoryChart adds each series twice.


  • Elements not in Visual Tree can have Bindings attached An issue was found where the TitleSettings on an Axis would have no binding context.  This has been corrected.


  • If a null value is added to the ItemsSource, it shows up very small and when hovered, blanks out the drop-down...

Released: Apr 24, 2018

18.1 での更新項目


  • New Financial Chart - A lightweight, high-performance chart that is used to display financial data using an extremely simple and intuitive API. All you need to do is bind your data (a collection or a collection of collections), and the chart takes care of everything else.
  • Excel Library / XamSpreadsheet
    • Conditional Formatting - xamSpreadsheet now supports all the conditional formatting features available in Microsoft Excel including Data Bars, Color Scales and Icon Sets.
    • Format Cells Dialog...