Iocomp Symbols(英語版)

Iocomp Symbols allows you to display vector based symbols in your .NET Windows Forms apps. It includes over 6700 symbols (with new ones added daily). The symbols are resizable without loss of quality.

Iocomp Symbols Features

  • Thousands of symbols included.
  • New symbols added daily.
  • High quality vector based.
  • Resizable without loss of quality.
  • Includes true transparency.


Iocomp Symbolsがリリースされました
Iocomp Symbolsがリリースされました

価格:¥ 105,400 (税抜)〜

Developer License One software license is required per Developer。 You may use one copy of the software on a single computer。 Run-time royalty free (Excludes HMI & SCADA type apps。 Please contact us...


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