Oxygen XML Editor Professional のライセンス

Oxygen XML Editor Professional(英語版)のご希望のライセンス条件については、当社のSyncro Soft専門のライセンス担当者にお問い合わせください。

We can supply any Oxygen XML Editor Professional(英語版) license including new licenses, Support & Maintenance Pack (SMP) renewals, and upgrade licenses.

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ラインタイム ライセンス フリー

oXygen XML Editor メインテナンス

年間メインテナンスパックは1年間にリリースされる新バージョンを無償で提供いたします。 またこちらの年間メインテナンスパックのリニューアルに関して契約終了ご14日以内に更新する必要があります。

oXygen XML Editor 或いは oXygen XML Author サポート対応のフラットフォーム:Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, Eclipse など

Enterprise と Professionalのそれぞれの機能に関しては"評価版のそのダウンロード"からoXygen XML 機能比較表からご参考ください。

ご注意 - ご注文に基づいてメーカよりライセンスキーを発行する為、このソフトウェアをお使いになられるまで少々時間を要することがございます。ライセンスキーが発行され次第、速やかにお送りいたします。それまでは、評価版としての使用になります。



Is the license permanent (perpetual) or temporal (time-limited)?

All Named User or Floating Licenses are perpetual, and do not need to be renewed.

Subscription Licenses are also available for certain editions, and such subscriptions need to be renewed in order to keep using the product.

What happens after my Support & Maintenance Pack (SMP) expires?

If you have bought a SyncRO Soft product with the optional Support and Maintenance Pack, you may continue to use the product after the maintenance period ends, however you will not have access to further new releases unless you purchase an SMP Renewal.

Can I co-term (align) my existing licenses?

Yes - ComponentSource can arrange to co-term your licenses, even if they were not originally purchased through us. Please call us or send us a message to discuss your needs.

Can I upgrade?

Upgrade Licenses allow you to bring an older version of the same product type (Developer/Author/Editor), edition (Professional/Enterprise) and license model (user-based/floating) up-to-date. Products are eligible for upgrade for 12 months after the End of Support milestone according to the End of Life Policy. If your product version is older than this, you will need to purchase a New License.

Can I buy an old product version?

You can buy the latest version of a product but install an earlier supported version of the same product. The prior version may be used by a properly licensed user in place of the current version of the product.

Is Source Code available?

No. Source Code is not available for Oxygen XML products.

What type of support do I get?

All licensed users have access to the Oxygen Forum, which is visited daily by members of the Oxygen support team and the community.

Users with How To requests, feature requests and bug reports can use the Technical Support Form.

Users with a current Support and Maintenance Pack (SMP) will recieve priority support. If you are not covered by SMP, Syncro Soft cannot make any commitments, but guarantee to answer every support request.