Chart ModelKit Win+Web Forms Edition

Chart ModelKit is a .NET charting component intended for the presentation of numeric and text information in the form of 2D graphs and diagrams thus turning raw data into visually perceptive, highly interactive charts. Chart ModelKit library includes a set of standard elements and a set of available series types. The product allows developers to create charts of various types, customize their appearance, save built charts to various graphic formats and print them. Chart ModelKit Win+Web Edition is designed for both Windows and Web applications. If you are engaged in the development of Windows and ASP.NET applications, this edition is the right choice for you.

The main idea of Chart ModelKit is to provide developers with the ability to create charts according to user requirements without challenging any special knowledge and high qualification. The product includes components allowing the displaying and managing of charts. Chart is a compound object, having a hierarchical tree-type structure. The whole chart consists of separate simple elements. Such decomposition provides the ability to create charts of different types, due to a variety of element...


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