PowerShell Studio のリリース

March 06, 2019

2019 (v5.6.160) での更新項目


Profile Management
You now have more control over your service installer’s behavior.

  • Ribbon->Tools->PowerShell Profiles
    • Open All - Opens all the existing profiles in the editor.
    • Manage - Allows you to edit, enable, disable, create and remove individual profiles.
    • Enable All - Enables all disabled profiles.
    • Disable All - Disables all the profiles. Disabled profiles will not be loaded into the PowerShell session, and disabling all profiles will not affect any active instances of PowerShell...
February 14, 2019

2019 (v5.6.159) での更新項目


  • New Service Installer Settings
    • You now have more control over your service installer's behavior.
    • You can now specify which account the service will run under, and also control whether the service is stopped or started during installation.
    • You can enable the service to interact with the desktop via the installer.
    • Note: The Service Settings tab will only appear when the Project Type is set to Windows Service.
  • New DataGridView Return Variable
    • This build introduces a new return variable for the...
February 04, 2019

2019 (5.6.158) での更新項目


  • Added: References will be highlighted automatically (Options->Editor->Enable automatic reference highlighting).
  • Added: Reference highlighting for non-PowerShell files (Text-based).
  • Added: PrimalSense for assemblies referenced in the RequiredAssemblies and ModuleToProcess fields of the module project's manifest.
  • Updated: Find All References now includes attributes and unknown commands.
  • Updated: Reference highlighting will default to the text comparison when text is selected.
  • Updated...
November 30, 2018

2019 (5.6.156) での更新項目


  • Added: SAPIEN tools to the Tools tab of the ribbon.
  • Added: Script Security Center to handle execution policy (Replaces the previous execution policy manager).
  • Added: "Search PSGallery for Module..." command to editor context menu to search the gallery for the unknown cmdlet's module in module manager.
  • Added: Watch Panel will now color value changes in red.
  • Added: "User" tag to user generated templates and "Preset" to preinstalled templates.
  • Added: Combobox to the templates dialog that filters...
April 25, 2018

2018 (Service Release v5.5.151) での更新項目


  • Custom Actions for MSI Installers - You can now specify custom actions for your MSI Installers. Custom Actions allow you to run custom scripts and tools during the installation process.
  • Service Installer Option - PowerShell Studio now allows you to create installer for service executables. You can use this option in conjunction with the service packager engine.
  • Updated New File and New Project Dialogs - Redesigned dialogs allow you to select file or project templates.
    • Template Categories...
February 05, 2018

2018 での更新項目


  • PrimalSense cache now includes additional information, such as parameter set names, return values and validation sets.
  • PrimalSense will now provide a list of assemblies for the using statement’s assembly parameter.
  • PowerShell Studio now provides PrimalSense for a module’s cmdlets when using the module’s fully qualified name.
  • When working with a cmdlet or function, you can trigger the parameter set completion pop-up by pressing [Ctrl + Shift + Space]:
  • Customizable console and PowerShell Core...
January 18, 2017

2017 (5.4.134) での更新項目


  • Updated Control Helper Functions - The control helper functions are now PSScriptAnalyzer complaint. To comply with PSScriptAnalyzer’s best practices, the helper functions’ unapproved Load verb has been replaced with the approved Update verb. A number of form templates and control sets have also been updated to reflect these changes.
  • Updated Editor Font and Coloring Settings Dialog - Added a language selection to the Editor Font and Coloring Settings dialog. The dialog now distinguishes the...
July 01, 2016

2016 (5.2.124) での更新項目


  • High DPI support
  • High DPI Layout support. The application will auto load the high DPI version of a layout (.HighDPI.layout) depending on the current DPI.
  • Option to enable/disable the document selector window when cycling through document tabs.
  • Generated GUI scripts now scale properly in high DPI environments
  • Control Sets now support high DPI scaling.
  • Label AutoSize property is now enabled by default when the control is added in the designer.


  • Productivity Pack applications failed to...
March 10, 2015

Updates in 2015

  • Function Builder - Easily create advanced functions including cmdlet and parameter attributes and comment-based help. The Function Builder inserts the correct syntax for you.
April 07, 2014

Updates in 2014

  • 64-bit Support - PowerShell Studio now comes in 32 and 64-bit editions.
  • New UI - Including Ribbon tabs (Designer, Deploy, Tools, Home, Help) and Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Form Previews - When you open a folder in Windows Explorer you can now see a preview of your PowerShell Studio Forms.
  • New Grid Job Template - Utilize the Job Tracker in order to load information without freezing the form. This template works well for those queries that take a long time to run.