PowerShell Studio のリリース

Released: Jan 13, 2020

2020 での更新項目

2020 (5.7.179)

Updated Jun 15, 2020


  • Dark and Light Themed Form template (and corresponding snippet) updated for V7.
  • Module target path when building will now be built in V7 path when V7 is selected as platform.
  • Code generated for icons in designer now works with V7.


  • Icons not working in designer generated code for V7.
  • Unable to update variable values in the Variables panel.
  • Assemblies button not disabled on script files.
  • Pipe Chain formatting not working correctly for V...

Released: Oct 29, 2019

2019 (5.6.169) での更新項目


  • Fixed: Custom actions crashing in SAPIEN Script Packager.
  • Fixed: Saving on projects reloads and opens the files.
  • Fixed: Debugging in V2 not working.
  • Fixed: Staging folder should no longer be created.
  • Fixed: Variable and Function breakpoints should not be enable in V2.

Released: Oct 21, 2019

2019 (5.6.168) での更新項目


  • Added: SAPIEN Script Packager is a new tool to edit and build packaged executables.
  • Added: New File Browser Panel.
  • Updated: Updated UI Library.
  • Updated: GIT Clone is always enabled when Source Control is set to GIT.


  • Fixed: GIT Clone causing exception when unsaved file is opened.
  • Fixed: Search on multiple panels not clearing correctly.
  • Fixed: ModuleVersion in Module Projects not updating in psd1 files.
  • Fixed: Splat Command not working in some cases and adding extra space.
  • Fixed: Signing...

Released: Aug 14, 2019

2019 (v5.6.167) での更新項目


  • Added: Upgrade to Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 runtime.
  • Updated: RSEE component path changed (RSEE not backwards compatible with older versions).


  • Fixed: Unable to debug remotely (RSEE).
  • Fixed: Import Remote Cache dialog text cut off.
  • Fixed: Splat Command cutting off closing parenthesis.
  • Fixed: Missing .gitignore file in Templates folder.
  • Fixed: Scaling of PrimalSense icons.
  • Fixed: Here-string coloring issue after edit.

Released: Mar 6, 2019

2019 (v5.6.160) での更新項目


Profile Management
You now have more control over your service installer’s behavior.

  • Ribbon->Tools->PowerShell Profiles
    • Open All - Opens all the existing profiles in the editor.
    • Manage - Allows you to edit, enable, disable, create and remove individual profiles.
    • Enable All - Enables all disabled profiles.
    • Disable All - Disables all the profiles. Disabled profiles will not be loaded into the PowerShell session, and disabling all profiles will not affect any active instances of PowerShell...

Released: Feb 14, 2019

2019 (v5.6.159) での更新項目


  • New Service Installer Settings
    • You now have more control over your service installer's behavior.
    • You can now specify which account the service will run under, and also control whether the service is stopped or started during installation.
    • You can enable the service to interact with the desktop via the installer.
    • Note: The Service Settings tab will only appear when the Project Type is set to Windows Service.
  • New DataGridView Return Variable
    • This build introduces a new return variable for the...

Released: Feb 4, 2019

2019 (5.6.158) での更新項目


  • Added: References will be highlighted automatically (Options->Editor->Enable automatic reference highlighting).
  • Added: Reference highlighting for non-PowerShell files (Text-based).
  • Added: PrimalSense for assemblies referenced in the RequiredAssemblies and ModuleToProcess fields of the module project's manifest.
  • Updated: Find All References now includes attributes and unknown commands.
  • Updated: Reference highlighting will default to the text comparison when text is selected.
  • Updated...

Released: Nov 30, 2018

2019 (5.6.156) での更新項目


  • Added: SAPIEN tools to the Tools tab of the ribbon.
  • Added: Script Security Center to handle execution policy (Replaces the previous execution policy manager).
  • Added: "Search PSGallery for Module..." command to editor context menu to search the gallery for the unknown cmdlet's module in module manager.
  • Added: Watch Panel will now color value changes in red.
  • Added: "User" tag to user generated templates and "Preset" to preinstalled templates.
  • Added: Combobox to the templates dialog that filters...

Released: Apr 25, 2018

2018 (Service Release v5.5.151) での更新項目


  • Custom Actions for MSI Installers - You can now specify custom actions for your MSI Installers. Custom Actions allow you to run custom scripts and tools during the installation process.
  • Service Installer Option - PowerShell Studio now allows you to create installer for service executables. You can use this option in conjunction with the service packager engine.
  • Updated New File and New Project Dialogs - Redesigned dialogs allow you to select file or project templates.
    • Template Categories...

Released: Feb 5, 2018

2018 での更新項目


  • PrimalSense cache now includes additional information, such as parameter set names, return values and validation sets.
  • PrimalSense will now provide a list of assemblies for the using statement’s assembly parameter.
  • PowerShell Studio now provides PrimalSense for a module’s cmdlets when using the module’s fully qualified name.
  • When working with a cmdlet or function, you can trigger the parameter set completion pop-up by pressing [Ctrl + Shift + Space]:
  • Customizable console and PowerShell Core...