SQL Source Control について


SQL Source Control はデータベースバージョン管理を可能であるだけではなく、スムーズにします。SSMS で開発ができ、Team Foundation Serverあるいはサブバージョンソースコード管理システムで動作します。それによりデータベース開発において働く方法を変えないでソースコントロールの特典を得ることができます。

SQL Source Control lets you:

  • Bring all of the benefits of source control to your database
  • Work directly in SQL Server Management Studio, not with offline scripts
  • Connect your database to Team Foundation Server (TFS) or Subversion (SVN)
  • Track changes so you know who changed what, when, and why
  • Help teams stay in sync by easily getting the latest database version
  • Save time and eliminate errors by deploying simply with SQL Compare

SQL Source Control makes database version control not only possible, but seamless. Integrated with SSMS, it works with the Team Foundation Server or Subversion source control systems. So database development can now benefit from source control without changing the way you work.

SQL Source Control lets you improve change management and auditing, knowing who changed what, when, and why. It simplifies database versioning, and allows developers to have a sandbox, making it easier to share changes, and revert any unwanted ones.

Because SQL Source Control is powered by Red Gate's SQL Compare technology, you can use SQL Compare Pro to automate deployment and migration of your source controlled database.