FileUp Professional (英語版)


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2003 年より日本国内にてComponentSourceで販売中。

バージョン: V6.0.0 更新日: Jun 22, 2016 レビューの平均スコア: 5.00レビューの平均スコア: 5.00レビューの平均スコア: 5.00レビューの平均スコア: 5.00レビューの平均スコア: 5.00 (1)


Please note that in November 2019 SoftArtisans decided to sunset SoftArtisans FileUp Professional Edition.
Existing FileUp Professional customers with valid maintenance will be supported until the end of their maintenance agreement at which time they may elect to purchase maintenance on FileUp Standard Edition.

I have been doing a...

baUSA5 つ星

I have been doing a lot of development in ColdFusion, but have run into hurdles using the inherent <cfhttp> tags for file uploading (CF always uploads as binary even if file is a text file) and the SA-XFile component allowed me to patch many of my web applications to allow them to be more interoperable with the existing file-upload systems on my client's extranets with zero hassle. Now I can do HTTP in my VB apps too, so I don't have to rely on ColdFusion for that. This was worth the ~$400 alone. But the SA-FileUp component is a shining star in its own right; the progress monitoring function is really handy and easy to use, not to mention really reliable. Would be nice to have that kind of reliability in ColdFusion (but alas no) so I use ASP on the server for handling uploads. Haven't dipped into the JFile stuff yet, but am eager to give it a whirl. This is a reliable company and I've experienced no issues to date with their components. Good show.