VARCHART XTree ActiveX の新機能

What's New in VARCHART XTree ActiveX

What's New in VARCHART XTree V4.4 (Build 0217)

  • In the object vcMapEntry the property pattern has been implemented. The property allows to assign or retrieve hatching patterns to pattern maps
  • Bug fix - The Create mode used to disappear after a node was marked
  • Bug fix - Two decimal separators appeared in negative values
  • Bug fix - Collapsed nodes automatically showed a color gradient

What's New in VARCHART XTree V4.4
Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0

  • VARCHART XTree applications can now also be developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. The .NET programming samples also are available to the Visual Studio 2010 version.
  • VARCHART XTree .NET and VARCHART XTree ASP.NET can be run on the .NET framework versions 2.0/3.0/3.5 and 4.0. Supporting version 4.0 is a new feature of the VARCHART 4.4 version.

What's New in VARCHART XTree V4.3

  • The CTRL key can now be used to copy several nodes in one go.

What's New in VARCHART XTree V4.2
The new version allows to display the legend on screen. The legend may be positioned in a window of its own above the diagram or may be attached to one of the four border areas.

Further Enhancements

  • The concept of generating data driven appearances of objects by map tables was enhanced by the option to define ranges of values. This entails smaller and more versatile maps.
  • Anti-aliasing for fonts can be switched on and off.
  • When setting up a page, a page to be printed can be padded by empty space for a more balanced page layout.
  • The extended system print dialog can now be activated in the print output. Both, the print preview and the print dialog allow to select several page ranges to be printed.
  • The diagram size of PNG files that can be generated does no longer depend on the available size of the main memory.
  • Extended world view functions now allow to scroll the world view in either horizontal or vertical direction. The world view optionally may be positioned in a window of its own above the diagram or may be attached to one of the four border areas.
  • The VARCHART XTree .NET edition and VARCHART XTree ASP.NET edition use the .NET framework 2.0 instead of the .NET framework 1.1 (as in previous versions).

Enhanced Interactions of the ASP.NET Edition

  • Values can be entered and edited in text fields, number fields and date fields in place.
  • The view can be scrolled now by moving the slider of the horizontal and vertical scroll bars.
  • Activities can be moved by drag & drop in the visible section of the chart (no automatic scrolling yet).

What's New in VARCHART XTree V4.1

  • New Editions - From V4.1 onwards of VARCHART XTree developers will benefit from the .NET and ASP.NET editions as well as from the proven ActiveX edition. The removal of the intermediate layer (interoperability assembly) makes component integration much easier.
  • Graphical User Interface - Fields in nodes and boxes can now be highlighted more emotively using the new transparent colors.
  • Datafields, Data Sets and Data Types - You can draw upon one of three fields of keys for clearly identifying data sets. It is also now possible to change the names of data fields during run time.
  • Help from our Runtime Dialogs, e.g. Print Dialog - The VcHelpRequested event is used to enable the application to call its own help pages when the user presses the F1 key in one of the dialog boxes during runtime.
  • Automatic Conversion of the Date Output Format - The default for the date format is taken from the Windows configuration

What's New in VARCHART XTree V4.0
Extended Data Tables -
Up to this version the data of a diagram had to be fitted into two tables. The new version is based on a relational data model that allows to combine up to 90 tables. The data fields of a table can be used

  • to annotate nodes
  • in filters and maps

Support of GDI+ - The support of GDI+ allows for color gradients in nodes. It improves font mapping and also entails a more effective graphics export.

Customizable Matrix Layout for the Legend - The legend of a chart can be positioned outside the chart and becomes visible in prints and exported charts. The new version allows to define the layout of the legend in the shape of a well structured matrix.

Further Enhancements

  • Parametrization of times for the tooltip to occur and on change of objects; tooltip on clicking
  • Performance enhancements