DevExpress Universal(英語版)


DevExpress 社の製品
2001 年より日本国内にてComponentSourceで販売中。

価格:¥ 456,500 (税込)〜 バージョン: 23.2.6 新機能 更新日: May 7, 2024 レビューの平均スコア: 5.00レビューの平均スコア: 5.00レビューの平均スコア: 5.00レビューの平均スコア: 5.00レビューの平均スコア: 5.00 (72)


DevExpress Universal ships with the following platform specific UI components/development libraries: DevExpress WinForms, DevExpress WPF, DevExpress ASP.NET and Blazor, DevExtreme Complete, DevExpress .NET MAUI, DevExpress Reporting, DevExpress Office File API, DevExpress BI Dashboard, eXpressApp Framework (XAF), TestCafe Studio, and more.

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匿名 オランダ5 つ星

Very good package for c# and VB development! Lots of functions.


Mauro Rigoni イタリア3 つ星

Buon prodotto ma troppo "pesante" sia come risorse che come file da distribuire e gestire.

匿名 ご購入済みのお客様オランダ5 つ星

Very good package for c# and VB development! Lots of functions.

匿名 ご購入済みのお客様ハンガリー5 つ星

Very good component inventory, excellent support.

Gustavo Rauda ご購入済みのお客様エルサルバドル5 つ星
匿名 ご購入済みのお客様ルーマニア5 つ星
Alza Vision ご購入済みのお客様ルーマニア5 つ星
匿名 ご購入済みのお客様香港5 つ星
Ahmad ご購入済みのお客様パキスタン5 つ星

I have been using DevExpress for a long time. I like the range of their controls and components. Their licensing model is very practical. Their controls and components are highly customizable and are generally very fast. The quality of their controls and components is very high. I have never encountered a situation where their controls have bugs or do not perform according to the documentation—strongly recommended for desktop and web development.

匿名 ご購入済みのお客様ギリシャ5 つ星
Absalon Malafay ご購入済みのお客様ペルー5 つ星

La compra fue sencilla y rápida.

匿名 ご購入済みのお客様イタリア4 つ星