DevExpress Universal について


DevExpress Universal helps you build applications for Windows, Web, mobile and tablet with all of the DevExpress single platform controls and more. It includes Desktop Controls (WinForms, WPF, UWP and Desktop Reporting), Web Controls (ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC and Core, Bootstrap Web Forms, JavaScript - jQuery, Angular, React, Vue, Web Reporting and Blazor), Frameworks & Productivity Tools (XAF - App Framework, XPO - ORM Library and CodeRush for Visual Studio) and Enterprise & Server Tools (Dashboard and Office File APIs). It also includes TestCafe Studio, Xamarin.Forms UI Controls, Native Mobile UI Controls, Icon Library, Priority Support and Source code for all controls and libraries.

DevExpress Universal Features

Desktop Controls

  • WinForms - With over 180 controls, the DevExpress WinForms Subscription has everything you'll need to create high-impact business solutions for the Windows Forms platform.
  • WPF - The DevExpress WPF Subscription ships with over 110 UI Controls and Libraries allowing you to build Microsoft Office inspired and data analysis application.
  • UWP - Deliver elegant, touch-enabled applications on Windows - the platform you know and love.
  • Desktop Reporting - The DevExpress Reporting Subscription delivers easy-to-use customization options and a rich set of report controls.

Web Controls

  • ASP.NET - Server-side ASP.NET Controls - the toolset combines versatile controls and straightforward development model.
  • ASP.NET MVC and Core - These ASP.NET MVC optimized extensions share much of the core code with the ASP.NET controls.
  • Bootstrap Web Forms - A new generation of ASP.NET controls written from scratch to support Bootstrap themes and adaptivity.
  • JS - jQuery, Angular, React, Vue - A fully integrated JavaScript mobile development framework so you can create store-ready, multi-device applications across platforms and devices.
  • Web Reporting - The DevExpress Reporting Subscription delivers easy-to-use customization options and a rich set of report controls.
  • Blazor Components - UI components (including a Data Grid, Pivot Grid, Scheduler and Charts) so you can design rich user experiences for both Blazor server-side and Blazor client-side platforms.

Frameworks and Productivity

  • XAF - App Framework - The eXpressApp Framework is a multi-platform application framework that creates powerful line-of-business applications that target Windows, the Web and Mobile.
  • XPO - ORM Library - Object-Relational Mapping library that handles all aspects of database creation and object persistence. It offers Code First, Model First and Database First development workflows.
  • CodeRush for Visual Studio - Write code at the speed of thought, automate testing, visually debug and refactor with CodeRush for Visual Studio.

User Authentication/Group Authorization API (.NET)

  • for Entity Framework Core ORM
  • for XPO ORM

Enterprise and Server tools

  • Dashboard - Easy-to-use and always interactive data visualization Dashboard for Windows, the Web and mobile devices.
  • Office File API - A non-visual .NET Library that allows you and your team to process Excel, Word, and PDF documents without using Microsoft Office automation.

Testing and QA

  • TestCafe Studio - Web Testing - TestCafe Studio delivers functional web application testing on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

iOS, Android and Xamarin

  • Xamarin.Forms UI Controls - Includes the feature-rich Xamarin Data Grid, Scheduler, Charts, TabView and Navigation Drawer controls.
  • Native Mobile UI Controls - 100% native iOS and Android controls and Xamarin wrappers for use in Visual Studio, Xcode's Objective C or Swift projects, and Android Studio.

Images and Icons

  • Icon Library - A rich collection of icons and images.

Priority Support

  • Your Universal Subscription includes priority technical support from the award-winning support team.

Source Code

  • DevExpress Universal includes source code for all controls and libraries that ship as part of the Subscription. This includes source code for the following platforms and products:
    • WinForms Controls
    • ASP.NET & MVC Controls
    • WPF Controls
    • Bootstrap Controls
    • Windows 10 Controls
    • HTML5/JS Controls
    • Dashboard
    • Reporting
    • Office File API
    • XAF