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    説明: Secure your disk from ransomware and other malware by substantially reducing your attack surface. InstallAware DiskZIP is the natural evolution of more than two decades of data compression expertise at InstallAware, now in the service of not only software ... 続きを読む

  2. 説明: A cross-platform IDE for end-to-end web testing. TestCafe Studio provides lightweight, fast and reliable test automation. It doesn't require WebDriver, browser plugins or other tools. Simply install it and you are ready to start testing. Tests can ... 続きを読む

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    説明: Build and edit MSIX installation packages, even if you don't have their source. InstallAware MSIX Editor is a full featured IDE for Microsoft's MSIX package format. You can instantly load any existing MSIX package, browse its contents and edit ... 続きを読む

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