ComponentOne DemoWorks 2009 について

スクリーンアクティビティを記録し、WMV、Flash、 GIF、AVI、EXEと Java を作成できます。

ComponentOne DemoWorks 2009はプログラム作成ニーズ、、マルチメディア、グラフィックデザイン専門的な知識なしで、専門的で質の高いデモンストレーションビデオを作成できます。ComponentOne DemoWorks 2009は、オーディオナレーションの有無にかかわらず、どんなスクリーンアクティビティーでもレコーディングし、Flash 、アニメ化された GIF とAVIのような業界標準形式でビデオを作成できます。ComponentOne DemoWorks 2009は動画をフレームバイフレームによつて編集、キャプションの追加、ハイライト等ができます。DemoWorks 2009はWindows ムービーフォーマット(WMV)に対して出力できます。

ComponentOne DemoWorks 2009 allows you to create professional Flash demonstrations or animated GIF snippets for Web sites, Self-running videos for CD delivery, create entire tutorials or include small clips in online Help, Easily Record Screen Activity, Edit Your Video and many more. DemoWorks 2009 can now output to the Windows Movie format (WMV) too.

ComponentOne DemoWorks 2009 Main Features:


  • Full-motion Recording: Record any visible screen activity including but not limited to mouse clicks, mouse movement, keystrokes, animation and menus
  • Capture Cursor Movement: Cursor movement is captured and available for later recording
  • Auto-capture and Manual Recording Options: Automatically record everything or only record what you want
  • Multiple Recording Options: Record a customizable region, application, window or entire screen
  • Background Mode:Run DemoWorks in the background so that it is accessible when you need it via keyboard shortcuts or mouse click
  • Action-based Recording:Optional presentation mode only records user-initiated actions; good for presentations and cases where files may be small
  • Record and Add Additional Frames: Record new frames and add them to a project

Movie Editing

  • User-Friendly GUI:Intuitive interface requires no special multi-media, programming, or IT skills. DemoWorks can be used by anyone
  • Frame Thumbnails: View all frames as thumbnails and perform simple editing tasks, such as delete and hide
  • Timeline with Layers: View all frames on a timeline to edit frame lengths and organization as well as add effects such as captions and highlights. You can even drag multiple effects across frames. This view gives you an overview look at how all the movie elements work together
  • Insert Narration: Add audio files for narration or music
  • Hide Frames with Cursor Motion Auto-Correcting: Hide any frame and DemoWorks will automatically adjust the cursor's path so it looks natural
  • Customizable Mouse Cursors and Tracks: Customize the mouse pointer style with any image and also customize the cursor's motion on the screen
  • Masterframe: Configure a Masterframe for items you wish to display across the entire movie, such as a logo
  • Movie Properties: Specify the frame rate, audio frequency, sizing and other general movie properties
  • Movie Preview: Instantly view the movie in the DemoWorks player before you publish the output

Text, Captions, and Other Effects

  • Insert Text and Images: Insert any text or image
  • Customizable Themed Captions:Choose from a variety of caption styles and then edit and insert them
  • Customizable Highlights:Use shapes to highlight items on the screen. You can choose the border color, fill color, and size
  • Effect Fading: Fade any effect in and out


  • Publishing Wizard: Easy-to-use publishing wizard for setting preferences for each output
  • Send to Email: Send movie directly to email
  • Optimize File Size: DemoWorks allows you to produce very small file sizes for an optimal downloading experience
  • Customize Window Size: Specify the size of the movie player


  • Output to the Windows Movie format (WMV), which creates a Windows movie.
  • Flash: Generate a flash file with themed navigation bar
  • Operating System Independent EXE with the DemoWorks Player: Generate a self-running EXE file that can be run on any PC. DemoWorks' own player is used, so no third-party player needs to be installed. This option is great for CD publishing
  • Animated GIF: Produce animated GIFs for small movies. These are great when movies need to be short and small in file size, such as Help files and for including in emails
  • Windows AVI: Produce movies in Windows' standard movie format
  • Java:Produce movies in Java format for a Web-browser alternative to Flash