ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Doc Edition(英語版)

.NET および、ASP.NET 、 Mobile Device 、ActiveX 対応のアプリケーションに、グリッドや、レポート、チャート、データ操作、ユーザーインターフェイス機能を追加。

GrapeCity 社の製品
1996 年より日本国内にてComponentSourceで販売中。

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Component One Studio Enterprise Doc Edition is no longer available to purchase as a standalone product, you should purchase ComponentOne Ultimate instead. If you are looking to renew your subscription then you should purchase the renewal for ComponentOne Ultimate which includes even more products for the same renewal fee as Component One Studio Enterprise Doc Edition.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Doc Edition のリリース

September 01, 2011

Updates in 2011 v2

  • NetHelp 2.0 - Redesigned Web-based output, NetHelp. It is more lightweight, SEO friendly, easier to customize, and looks great. It is jQuery-based, so you can do virtually anything with it
  • Industry first: Publish Help to SharePoint or a SharePoint Wiki - Automatically publish NetHelp to Microsoft SharePoint or create a SharePoint Wiki. The first uploads your NetHelp system to a SharePoint library. You can then link to it or show it in a Web Part. The second creates an editable...
July 21, 2011

Updates in 2011 v2

Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo Highlights
The ASP.NET suite has been rewritten based on ComponentOne's new Wijmo client-side framework. You will see outstanding improvements in performance, a new easy-to-use theming infrastructure, and cool new controls like SVG Charts.

  • Interactive HTML5 charts powered by SVG
  • High-performance jQuery grid
  • 6 Premium CSS3 themes, 24 jQuery UI themes, and Themeroller - a custom theme builder
  • Replaces Studio for ASP.NET AJAX
  • Uses Wijmo as client-side...
February 28, 2011

Updates in 2011 version 1

NetHelp JavaScript search

  • The conjunction OR could return incorrect results if the search query contained a word that was absent in topics
  • Compound words such as "Doc-To-Help" couldn't found
  • If a word ended with a special German character, "highlight search hits" did not work as expected
  • Special characters (% $ @, etc.) couldn't be searched for
  • Firefox couldn't load the search engine in NetHelp targets and always displayed "Loading search engine." (This issue only...
January 20, 2011

Updates in 2011

New NetHelp Search Engine
Doc-To-Help’s NetHelp output has a new search engine with exact phrase, fuzzy, Boolean, and synonym search. The best part is that you don’t have to do anything. It is automatically built into every NetHelp output.

Build Scheduler
Doc-To-Help always allowed you to schedule builds via command line, but now there is a convenient interface to schedule one-off or recurring builds. Run your builds at night or start them and do something else while you wait...

August 03, 2010

Updates in 2010 v2

The newest version of ComponentOne's WPF control set introduces four new controls. Each control is fully compatible with its Silverlight equivalent so you can quickly build both rich desktop client and Web applications with shared code.

New ComponentOne Maps for WPF

  • Get smooth zooming, panning, and mapping between screen and geographical coordinates with ComponentOne Maps for WPF.
  • Display information from various sources, including Microsoft Live Maps and Google Maps.
  • You can...
August 03, 2010

Updates in 2010 v2

ComponentOne's suite of Windows Forms controls, fully compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 now includes more features and design-time interactivity. True DBGrid has more Microsoft Excel-like functionality, and Editor for WinForms now has support for public history, enhanced list support, and a new ColorPicker control. And with enhanced design-time editors in Gauges for WinForms, you can quickly create, style, and customize your gauges.

True DBGrid for WinForms...

August 03, 2010

Updates in 2010 v2

New ComponentOne Calendar for Silverlight

  • This new calendar control integrates seamlessly with the C1Scheduler for building complete Microsoft Outlook-style applications. C1Calendar is a multi-month calendar control that enables date range selection with interactive navigation.

Toolbar for Silverlight Enhancements

  • Enhanced Ribbon-like appearance and behavior of toolbar groups.
  • Collapsible toolbar groups.
  • Support for the Silverlight 4 commanding framework.

DataGrid for...

August 03, 2010

Updates in 2010 v2

The newest version of the ComponentOne ASP.NET control suite now has three new samples along with performance enhancements. Learn best practices from these real-world samples.

NEW Samples:

  • AdventureWorks
    Based on the AdventureWorks SQL Server sample database, this is a full blown reference application for the fictitious AdventureWorks store. It uses Entity Framework, Linq, AJAX, jQuery, CSS, and much more
  • StockPortfolio
    This sample shows how to build rich Web applications in...
March 18, 2010

Updates in 2010 v1

2010 v1 release of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise utilizes new .NET 4.0 features and improves the design-time experience enabling developers to do more with less code in Visual Studio 2010.

ComponentOne Studio for Winforms

  • Support  for .NET 4.0
  • NEW Gauge Control
  • Reports for Winforms now supports RDL (Microsoft Reporting Services)
  • New Microsoft Office 2010 Visual Styles have been added to Input, Menu and Toolbar controls
  • Numerous enhancements and new features have been added to...
February 09, 2010

Updates in 2010 v1

Team Foundation Server (TFS) Integration

  • Doc-To-Help 2010 will integrate and provide an interface for TFS.  This provides better workflow and support for a team environment and makes collaboration easier.

Better User Experience

  • Collapsing Sections Interface: The user can easily organize online content without knowing how to code.
  • Nested Lists: Most HTML/XML/XHTML editors (including FrontPage) do not handle nested lists well. 
  • Doc-To-Help 2010 allows the user to create nested...